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150 Wall Balls (20/14#)

Here she is…the #3 finisher at the Sectionals!

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  1. Marc H.

    CFWU x 3
    strenght – OHS (working on technic)
    65×5 Starting to feel comfortable at it

    WOD – Karen
    150 wallballs 20# at 10 feet high
    time 8:38
    Insane pic Sonia. Congrats. So proud of you. πŸ˜€

  2. Jane Fredericton :)

    Sonia great picture!! You had such a phenomenal weekend and it was fun to watch you compete!!Good luck as you move on to Calgary. ALL you girls from Moncton were Awesome to watch and chat with:)MC you are a fighter, love it!

  3. Liam

    WU x 3
    Strength = Back Squats x 1

    WOD = Karen
    9:09 RX

    First time coming 2 days in a row. It hurt. I felt a lot weaker than normal.
    First time doing Karen as perscribed. It hurt. But, it felt good to finally RX a WOD.
    Now let’s see what tomorrow holds…
    Great work 4:15 crew!
    Thanks for fitting me and my crazy hair in last minute Coach K!

  4. Jack

    WU x 3
    OHS at 45#, Pullups on rings with a bit of a jump, dips on rings with a very slight jump, K2E on bar, feet touching bar.

    Push Press x 1: 95, 115, 125, 155, 175

    WOD Karen
    25 reps at 20#, 125 reps at 10# Time 5:55
    Cardio felt strong today. Right shoulder/neck felt really tight. Much better than yesterday though. Taking it really easy on this so I don’t spend weeks trying to fix it after the fact. Legs cramped after the fact, and felt like I had to clear my throat lots on the way home. Overall though, happy with the workout. Shoulder’s tightening now though!

  5. Jeff

    OHS – 3RM

    “Karen” (20#)
    10:31 (PR by 1:20)

    I was planning for 50 reps every 3 minutes. It started out well but it didn’t happen. I did Karen at Christmas and hated it. Any activity involving arms overhead is a weakness for me. This time I was looking forward to the challenge and overall I’m still happy with the PR result.

  6. Dan


    Backsquat x3
    135-155-175-195-205 (Failed 1 rep @205, would have failed 2 reps if Marcel hadn’t cheered me on)

    WOD: Karen @20 lbs.

    Time: 9:26

  7. Marcel

    CFWU x 3

    Strength x 3 Front Squat


    β€œKaren” (20#)


    First time with “Karen”, was supposed to do her at Christmas time, but Johan took her off my hands…Tough workout — shoulders will be sore tomorrow.

  8. Heidi

    Warm Up X 3
    Strength: Overhead Squats @ 5 reps.

    WOD: Karen – 150 Wall ball @ 14#
    Time: 9:52

    I did Karen in January with a 10# ball. Today’s time was a bit slower, but well worth it to do the workout as RXed. This is an exhausting workout.

    Love the picture of Sonia in action!

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