Qualifiers are next Saturday!


Qualifiers are next Saturday!

The schedule for the Qualifiers is as follows:

Saturday, March 20, 7am to 6pm
Sunday, March 21, 7am to 2pm

Hope you can make it to Fredericton to see our 7 athletes in action!


Gillyon “Fudge, I’m Sorry” Alexander

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 122#

Age: 29

Favorite Lift: Front Squat/Deadlift

Expectations of the Games: Hope to do everything as prescribed. Also to walk away feeling good about my performance and getting a PR.

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  1. Ed

    So, I am going to stay at the delta, I just need to know if lance is coming too, I have my paramedic test on friday at 430 but I should be out before 6, who’s driving my sorry ass? haha and were do I meet toi? 🙂

  2. Gillyon

    Well Kevin…could you have found a better photo…?…jeez 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement! OHS are my third favourite. 😉

  3. Hey Kevin,

    I just released this for HQ to post. Schedule is:
    Saturday, March 20, 7am to 6pm
    Sunday, March 21, 7am to 2pm

    We encourage everyone to locate UNB South Gym Friday evening.

    Events will be posted on the CF Games website.

    Good luck – can’t wait to see you guys!

  4. Pierre

    Hey Sonia, I forgot to ask you something when you were here!

    Do you know where I could find some tape like the one Julie used to tape my shoulder?? I would like to tape my shoulder on saturday morning for the qualifiers!

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