Sunday’s Discussion


Sunday’s Discussion

We have a lot of functional exercises in our arsenal to choose from for CrossFit. Some are heavy, some are complex, some make you want to hurl.

If you could eliminate one move from CrossFit, what would it be and why?

The aftermath!

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  1. This is a simply question to answer. Overhead Squat. Technically it isn’t even a functional movement. I know, I asked at my level 1 cert and they admitted it.

    Another that can be eliminated is Virtual Shovelling. We live in Canada, c’mon. I also have no use for Bear Crawls. It makes my fingers go numb and doesn’t ward off Bear Attacks.

  2. Marcel

    Double unders are my least favourite exercise. Simply put my lack of coordination at this exercise do not go well together. However, I think this is just a trap set up by Kevin to put together the worst possible WOD ever.

    1. Ed

      Agreed haha, now if the question was the least functional movement? Probably DUs I guess?

      Personally I think OHS are very functional. they activate everything, just the fact it is a squat makes it a baziilion more functional then most moves. Squats are functional. in any form.

      1. Ed

        although DUs probably help running. Not sure what the “least functional” is are we talking about like power output?

  3. Kevin

    According to CrossFit, a functional movement is defined as the ability to move a large load, a long distance, and quickly.

    Force x Distance / Time = Power

  4. Andy

    I hate OHS and it challenges me the most. I think my max is wee, like 80lbs or something. This said, it definitely highlights a big weakness of mine (core) and could explain some of my chronic back pain.

    I’ve also been very frustrated by my inability to consistently do pull-ups. I’ve managed to hurt myself twice in the last year Thanks in large part to pull ups. Its doubly frustrating when so often pull ups are used as a measure of progress at Crossfit.So although I wouldnt want them eliminated, I do wish I could do them :o)

  5. Dan

    Just did a home version of Filthy 50’s and based on that I’m going to say definitely Burpees. No matter when you do them they always suck and in a workout like Filthy 50’s they’re a big wall for me.

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