Death by Clean and Jerks


Death by Clean and Jerks

Tomorrow evening at 7:30pm, there will be a stretching/mobility session. Cost is $5 to attend. See you there!

With a continuously running clock do one 135 pound Clean and Jerk the first minute, two 135 pound Clean and Jerks the second minute, three 135 pound Clean and Jerks the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Kevin M meets SDHPs in his first workout

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  1. Chantal

    CFWU 2x
    5-3-3-3-3-3 (45-120-125-130-135-140)

    WOD: Death by clean and jerks
    95 pounds
    5 rounds + 3

    First time doing jerks with 95 pounds in a workout… Oufff its heavy, need to work on those. Good work am crew this morning and good job Gerry on your first workout. I’m also in for the stretching and mobility class.

  2. Jane

    OK, you two! How many times do you want me to throw up today.
    I’m supportive too. I told him to take cold pills……..several at once. 8)

  3. Chantal L.

    Boohoo! I have class tomorrow from 6:30 to 9:30 … can’t come for the stretching class… you should do another one πŸ˜›

  4. Andy

    CFWU x 2 (ring rows 10×2)

    Strength 3’s
    Push press 45-95-115-135-155

    WOD death by Clean and Jerks(95)

    10+10 PR! Had already cleaned the 11th and almost got the jerk in for 11 rounds even. Did 8+8 last time with same weight

  5. Jeff

    “Squat Clean” – 5RM
    45-65-85-105-125 (PR for reps)

    “Death by Clean & Jerk” (115#)

    Wanted more… but my left shoulder was the ‘jerk’ and didn’t want to cooperate.

  6. Heidi

    Warm up x 3
    Back Squats – 1 Rep.
    WOD: Death by Clean & Jerks – 65#
    9 Rounds + 4 reps.
    This is 2 fewer reps than I did back in November, but with extra 20 pounds on this time ’round, so I’ll take it!
    I’d love to make the stretching session tomorrow night, but unfortunately can’t make it. I’d be in for next time though.

  7. Chantal L.

    CFWU x 3 + 10 K2E for forgetting my journal!

    Strength 5-5-5-5-5
    Front squats 45-55-65-75-not enough time to finish my 5th set
    WOD ‘death by clean & Jerk’ (65#)
    9 + 9 πŸ˜€

    Last time I did this, it was with a 45# and did 8+5, really happy with today’s result!!

  8. shallon Saunders

    Warm Up x3

    Strength 5’s (Front Squat)

    WOD:Death by Clean & Jerks-65#


    Thanks for the push everyone!!!

  9. Kevin Mc

    Warm up x 3

    Strength – Front squat 5-5-5-5-5
    WOD – Death by clean and Jerks – 95#
    7rounds + 4
    1 minute Plank

  10. Gillyon

    CW x 3
    Worked on muscle up progression
    WOD: Death by Clean and Jerk (95lbs)
    3 rounds + 2….quite sad actually..

    Mel and Chantal you gals rocked this workout. Super impressed! πŸ™‚

  11. Jack

    Late. CFWU x 1. Skipped strength for today.
    Death by Clean and Jerk (135#)
    7 + 2
    1 min plank
    The muscles feel good, but my cardio is horrible, and my technique is still coming along slowly. Great workout though.

    There were some people doing amazing sets in there! Well done.

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