Row faster!


Row faster!

Gym is closed this evening due to poor weather conditions.

Tabata Rowing

For 20 seconds, row as hard and as fast as you can.

Rest for 10 seconds.

Complete this cycle for 8 rounds.

Are you motivated?

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    1. Jane

      Heather, you laugh your little head off. I LOVE it when I can hear you laughing.
      I’m sooooooo loving this snow day as dress rehearsal went kinda late last night!

  1. Jamie

    I can’t believe I am missing this one… Maybe if it snows too much for the gym to be open we could try this on Sunday 🙂

    Really like the “Motivated People Only” sign!

    Good luck with the production guys!

  2. Liam

    Thanks guys! I’ll eat Janes baby extra good now!
    Oh Coach K. I can’t make my 4:15 today because some knuckle head closed the Gym!
    AND because it’s terrible outside and the less driving the better…. but mainly the knuckle head thing! *hehe*

    I WAS hoping to get my work out in today though. I find it really helps me get my baby hunger going!
    mmmmmmmmmmmmm baby….

  3. Kevin

    If anyone wants an at-home workout, try 1 minute each of: Squats, pushups, situps. Rest 1 minute, then repeat 2 more rounds. Score is total reps.

  4. Jeff

    Did the posted “Closed for Storm” WOD at home.
    3 rounds (9 minutes of work):
    1 minute of squats,
    1 minute of pushups,
    1 minute of situps,
    1 minute of Rest.

    Squats = 37-40-42 = 119
    Pushup = 32-30-25 = 87
    Situps = 26-27-27 = 80

    Total Reps = 286

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