***Global News at 6pm and 11pm will be showing our event today***

Thank you so much!

We had a group of 30 people come out this morning for the Broomstick Mile. With sticks in hand, everyone set out on the brutal workout in full force!

I know some of you had Mark Gallagher in mind as you pushed through the pain. Others had victims of Haiti in their thoughts as your legs burned from squatting. I know I was grateful for that feeling.

The small amount of suffering we experienced today was minimal compared to those still in anguish in Haiti.

As a result of our combined efforts, we managed to raise an amazing $835! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generous donations!!

I received this message from Mark’s daugher, Heather, that I would like to share with you…

“Wow Kevin. My family thinks this is really nice of you. My dad, I’m certain, is smiling and thinks its very cool as well. God knows that my dad, being the humanitarian he has always been, would have signed up for the broomstick mile with you all.”

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