Is it true what they say? Sweat together, stay together?

We have 5 couples that workout at CrossFit Moncton. If you are one of them, do you think it’s good for your relationship?

If you have a significant other, would you want them to join the gym with you?

Darren and Kelly swinging together

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  1. Kevin

    **There will be an open gym today from 1-2:30pm. If you’re training for the Games, or have something you’d like to work on, come on by. Please note that there will be no prescribed WOD or coaching…just a chance for you to practice.

  2. Gillyon

    Dave and I have been training together for years, but the last few months, due to his hockey schedule has put a freeze on our crossfit dates. We love working out together especially crossfit style. I find he can push me way beyond my limits. (However…at times in my head I am swearing at him, but as soon as I yell “time” that passes.) I truly think it has strengthen our relationship for several reasons. One being the time spent together, and another being sharing goals. I love it when he is impress by my time or proud of a new PR. I am excited for hockey to be done so that he can get back to the gym.

  3. Marcel

    What can I say, Heidi just can’t stand to be away from me so she had to join Crossfit too. Seriously though it is great to have Heidi working out with me, but not so happy when she beats my times and a certain coach rubs it in! I think she might get sick of me talking about Crossfit if she wasn’t training too, it’s great having someone to talk about the workouts with. I’d say Crossfit is great for our relationship, but we had an excellent one to begin with.

  4. MC

    Working out with Pierre save me the time to explain him about the bruises and the rough hands! It also help me understand his obsession about crossfit and not being too jealous about it! One of the Cons is that we sometime post on under the the other name ahahah!
    Seriously, it give us something else in common to talk about and an activity to spent together. I guess couple that have things in common, spend time together and are healthy have better chance to stick together!

  5. Heidi -CF Fredericton

    I got my husband to try CrossFit about 3 months after me. This was totally out of his comfort zone, so at first I know he was doing this just for me. But now, over a year and a half later we are still at it. We have been married for 21 years and I think working out together has been a great way to stay connected. We share in each others success and are there for each other when we are frustrated. Our conversations around the dinner table almost always end up about PR’s, max reps or WOD times. Our two teenagers just roll their eyes and wonder what other parents talk about!hehe

  6. Heather (Mum)

    I would love Frank to join the gym. Then he would understand the conversations Kevin and I have. Also I think it would be great for his health. Bonus would be he could warm the car up and clean it off for me. That would really help our relationship grow.

    1. C’mon man! I knew he didn’t take it well when I “Turkish Get Uped” more than he did. šŸ˜›
      Kidding aside, we really enjoy doing CrossFit together. We are both really proud of each other’s accomplishments and love encouraging one another to keep improving. 2010 is going to bring great things! šŸ™‚

  7. Gillyon

    okay.. so I went to the gym and practiced all the things that I stink at. I left a bit frustrated, but hopefully in the end it will make me stronger.
    CW x 2

    WOD: Things I stink at
    -OHS worked mainly on the technique with the broom stick
    -muscle up progression
    -handstand pushups. 3 in a row with the 25lbs plate.

    Great job on the Snatches everyone. I [email protected]’t wait to get there. šŸ™‚
    Thanks again Kevin for opening it up for us. šŸ™‚

  8. Sonia

    Had a good day at the gym working on different things. First on some double unders, then snatches – worked on technique and build up to 75lb… had a few failed ones because of losing balance at the bottom of the squat.
    FINALLY got my 3 muscle ups in a row.
    Worked on handstand push ups, got 3 in a row and did a few set where i could only do two.
    500 m row PR 1:57

  9. Ed

    Lots of progress today! PLAY DAY YAYAYA!

    double under practice.. I hate them.. nuff said

    Cleans! I got a few Really good reps in, I think it is coming, thanks for the help coach.

    Muscle ups! fired off a bunch of 2 in a rows, almost 3 in a rows.. šŸ™ soon.
    Tried a few snatches I think I power snatched like 90 pounds *shrugs*

    W0D- 21-15-9
    KB swings 53#

    4:48 Pretty sure I did like 27 burpees my first round… Last time I lose count ha.
    Thanks for doing it with me PAT!

  10. Sonia

    Oh and I would love it if Andrew had the time to join the gym and workout with me. We already have being fit and healthy in common, but he would defenitly understand my addiction and enthusiasm about crossfit if he did it too.

  11. Pierre

    Snatch pyramid to a 1RM
    15-35-45-65-75-85-95 –> Those were 3RM
    115-125-135-145-155-160(PR) –> Those were 1RM

    That 160 felt really solid and I could have put at least another 15# on the bar but stopped there.

    Did a few handstands pushups.

  12. Kevin

    Nasty Girls! Woo! No, it’s not what you think. It’s the name of a workout.

    3 rounds of:
    50 squats
    7 muscle-ups
    10 Hang Power Cleans (135#)

    7:08 (beat my PR by 47 sec!)

  13. Kevin

    And if I had a significant other, I would most certainly hope that they do CrossFit. It’s a large(est) part of my life and I would want her to be a part of it as well.

  14. Pierre

    Ed :
    Wait Iā€™m confused.. her?
    And I thought Pierre was doing Crossfit..

    hahahaha…that’s a good one Ed!

    Next time I am the coach at the gym, everybody in the group you are in will suffer (including you)! šŸ˜‰

  15. Patrick

    – Worked on muscle up progression (jumping muscle ups and just transitions)

    – did a bunch of hand stand push ups using 2 green bands

    – Not sure how Ed convinced me to do this WOD with him:

    Kettle Bell Swings 55lbs
    Time: 4:20 (not 100% sure that my counting was right)

    Thanks Kevin for opening the gym on a Sunday

  16. MC

    It was nice to go at the gym and tried everything we don’t have time at a regular class!! Thanks Kevin!
    Snatch 3 reps
    My technic was not great at 80, I had a hard time with the balance at the bottom of the squat and the bar was traveling too far from me! I need to keep working on those!

    Tried some handstand with 25lbs plate (first time without band). Really surprise that I managed 5 in a row! šŸ™‚

  17. Ed

    Yo kev, I signed up for the 6 am class but I’m going to have to cancel it, Mom needs the car then, I signed up for the 530 class instead.. so that means my spots free at 6 am! oh and I donno if lance already signed up but I wont be able to take him in the am so I guess he wont be going tomorrow :S

  18. Heidi

    I love doing Cross Fit with Marcel. We don’t often get to the same scheduled work out, but it still fun to talk about at the end of the day on how our results of a particular work out, or just how much a particular workout SUCKED! (but even when they suck, oddly, its a good thing….some warped sense of accomplishment I guess!) It’s always fun when we do manage to get to the same work out, as I have that added competitive streak that I’ve got to step it up so that I can finish first. A little healthy competition is good for any relationship….right???

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