Marathoner or sprinter?


Marathoner or sprinter?

One of the goals of CrossFit is to increase your work capacity. What is work capacity? Being able to do more work (exercise) in less time.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you do “Fran” in 10 minutes. You train at CrossFit Moncton for two months and you try “Fran” again. Amazingly, your time drops to 5 minutes! You have just increased your work capacity.

Now, there are different time domains in which you can increase your work capacity. For instance, a low time domain would be 2 seconds, which would be a 1 rep max power clean. A workout such as “Cindy” is somewhere in the middle at 20 minutes. And a longer one would be a marathon.

If you spend all your time doing long distance training, you’re only increasing your work capacity at the far end of the spectrum. And it will actually bring down everything at the beginning of the the spectrum. In essence, you will decrease your work capacity at everything lower than a marathon.

As the picture above shows, the marathon runner is is skin and bones. What would happen if you asked him to lift something heavy? He would crumble. What about splitting wood, or piling sandbags? He would be crushed.

You need to train in all time domains, from 1 second to a theoretical infinity. This will not only help you in your athletic endeavors, but also in general life as well. The interesting part is that spending time in the middle of the spectrum will actually spill benefits in both directions. Improve your “Cindy” results and long distance exercise improves. But, it doesn’t work the other way around.

So all you runner out there…put away your heart monitors. Cut your long distance training down. Get into CrossFit Moncton and start increasing your work capacity across broad time domains!

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  1. Kevin

    Met Janine at the gym for some fun.

    Shoulder press
    110×2 (DAMMIT!)
    110×6 (YAY!)


    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    50 Back Extensions
    50 Sit-ups

    Subbed 45# good mornings and full ROM situps (straight legs, touch the wall)


  2. To the gym thinking strength was the only thing on the menu…but nope! Kevin wanted to throw Michael in the mix.


    Deadlift 5rm
    (To a max respecting form)

    35lbs good mornings
    Abmat straight legs situps
    Time: 22:27

    Thanks for the workout Kevin

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