23/1 Rule


23/1 Rule

During the nutrition lecture at the recent Level 1 certifications I’ve attended, they have discussed the 23/1 Rule. I find it very fascinating and truthful. I’d like to share it with you today.

As you know, you’ll never be at CrossFit Moncton for longer than an hour. The warmup, strength rotation and workout generally lasts 60 minutes. What you do in that hour is obviously good for you.

Now, you have 23 other hours to completely screw up everything you did at the gym. You know what would screw it up. Eat poutine. Have a cigarette. Get only 5 hours of sleep. Drink pop.

So why would you waste that hour? You worked your ass off at the gym. You probably laid on the floor in a puddle of your own sweat. For what? To ruin it by eating like crap for the rest of the day?

What you choose to do for the remaining 23 hours is up to you. There’s nothing I can do as a coach to help you in that area. The ball is in your court.

“If you want top fuel performance, you need top fuel. You can’t just piss into the gas tank”

-Greg Glassman

I’ll leave you with this video about a ridiculous diet….


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  1. Ahhh…the 23/1 rule! The discussion that also struck me at my last cert.
    (Yes, I’m writting this at 2:45am, as I’m having a restless night because I screwed up hour twenty one hundred last night 🙂 It was my week’s cheat meal though. but I might think about rule 23/1 next time, as too much sugar before bedtime is not the best idea :-S

  2. the guy in the video could talk about ANY subject and make it interesting. Very good vid and I’m sure everyone in this club would agree 🙂 I’d like to see someone on that diet try any Crossfit workout 🙂

  3. Pierre

    Anybody is starting to have their shoulders sore from the Active Shoulders on those 100 OHS that we did yesterday?

    Anyways, I am and it is bad!

  4. Kezia

    Love your 23/1 principle! Very true! If only would could control ourselves a bit better! It’s a vicious cycle! I should be in bed right now with little kids waking up early in the moring but here I am on facebook and the net!

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