What does your doody look like?


What does your doody look like?

Reminder that the gym is closed today. There will be a workout on Sunday at 7pm. Hope you can make it!


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  1. MC

    We went to CF Kinetics Grand Opening in Halifax! Awesome gym! Great coaches! Big success!! We did a workout with the others members of affiliate!

    21-15-9 of:
    Power cleans #85
    Pull ups

    Time: 8:50 min
    Thanks to the CF Kinetics trainers for the encouragement!!

  2. Pierre

    Just came back from Halifax!! We had a great time! Their gym is awesome!! Good times.

    Here is the WOD that we did:
    Power clean 135#

    Time: 6:18

  3. Kevin

    AWESOME time at CrossFit Kinetics. What an amazing box with outstanding coaches!

    The workout was fun!

    21-15-9 of:
    Power cleans 135#
    Pull ups (on a skinny bar)


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