Hot off the press!


Hot off the press!

October Newsletter!!

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

If you feel like doing the snatch alone isn’t enough of a workout, you may opt for a little treat.


Chantal and Lisa in the fight

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  1. Tony5 (Crossfit Fredericton)

    Finally made it into your newsletter…Yipee..Again Kevin, excellent idea and great content…Love reading them…See you Saturday.

  2. Andy

    Hey is that a poop box Lisa is standing on 😉 Kev, newletter is awesome. I love that there is a pic of Elissa running with the med ball!

  3. Gillyon

    Great newsletter! I agree with Jane..Elissa you are so strong! Way to go!!

    ps. I am still dropping things. I am at my Math inservice and I just dropped my chicken wing on my lap…damn you pullups! 😉

  4. I set my goals by comparing with other guys in the club. It makes me aim high and push myself. Elissa is actually one of the “guys” I look up to. Good job Elissa.

  5. Jeff

    CFWU x 3
    “Snatch” lessons.
    Snatch: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
    Failed at 75# “like a melting snowman”!

    Hurry up and Squat: AMAP in 20 sec. Rest 10 sec in squat position. Continue for 8 rounds. Max in each round is target for next round.
    Finished at 9.

    Fun session!

  6. Hilary

    Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    Hurry up and squat: 10
    Did I ever mention just how poor I am at squats?
    Great job tonight everyone! Jeff your girls are beautiful.

  7. Tracey

    CFWU x3
    All pull ups on green band ( this is a first for me)

    WOD: Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    Bottom to Bottom Squats
    Lowest round: 12

    jane, I miss working out with you! And yes, I saw the chicken wing drop! Sad, but true.

    1. Jane

      I think you especially missed me on this one because there was no one to put their finger to their lips and tee hee hee during a “snaaatch” (must be pronounced with long nasally “a”) workout!

  8. Chantal

    CFWU x1

    WOD: Snatch

    Bottom to bottom squats
    Lowest round was 15

    Did Yesterday WOD: Griff

    Time : 15:38

    and than run 400m with 14 pounds med ball (forgot to cancel yesterday class)

  9. Kevin

    My back started feeling better today, so I worked on snatches.


    No pr’s, but happy that I got that much.

  10. Sarah - CrossFit Kinetics

    P-Money… how did you get that inside scoop on the O-lifting cert?! Thanks for sharing! I’m so tempted!!!

    See you you Saturday 🙂

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