CrossFit Moncton had a great turnout in Fredericton at the Fight Gone Bad event. A big thanks goes out to Heather, Lisa, Lance, Elissa, Chantal, Sonia, Jane, MC and Pierre for laying it on the line for a great cause. I’m very proud of you for stepping up and giving it all you had, both for your fundraising and physical efforts!

According to CrossFit Fredericton, here are the grand totals:

CrossFit Fredericton $4282 USD
CrossFit Dieppe $1912 USD
CrossFit Moncton $1841 USD
CrossFit Bathurst $1000 USD
CrossFit Kinetics $795 USD

That’s $10,734.36 CAD from Atlantic Canada Gyms!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us in this awesome event!

Round 1 of the fight!

Round 1 of the fight!

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  1. Andy

    Hey great work guys! Cant wait for next year…Elissa I know someone looking for a roomate. Call me at 878-1065 if you’d like to discuss…

  2. Pierre

    Hey guys,

    There is a Lvl 1 Cert. in Montreal on Feb. 13-14 2009!! Other than Vassalboro, Maine, this is the closest Lvl 1 cert that we have get so far.

    MC and I might go!!

  3. Brandon- CF Kinetics

    Hey guys, nice work yesterday. I missed you at Boston Pizza. I was in a rush to get home and go to work.

    Hey Kev, I never knew you could get so much stuff in an Element!

  4. Kevin

    My results for the Fight Gone Bad event…

    Scored 319 with a 20# weight vest. Very happy with my score. But my calves are screaming at me today from the 125 box jumps I did!

  5. Heather (Mum)

    FGB IV Fredericton
    35 lb. SDHP & Push Press
    10 lb. med ball
    Score 217 PR is 224 so not as much as I wanted but respectable.
    It was a great event and we’ll be back with even more people next year I hope.

    Jane and I are getting Frank to make us a mini-box. We are going to paint ours pink.

    1. Kevin

      October Breeze  (8 hours to complete.)
      110 minutes:      March. Optionally with rucksack weighing 50#.
       15 minutes:      Eat, hydrate, stretch, change clothes if necessary.
       60 minutes:      Run at half marathon pace.
       60 minutes:      Complete 1000 walking lunges.
       30 minutes:      5 rounds: ring dips 1:00, rest 1:00, ring pushups 1:00, rest 1:00
       60 minutes:      Run at half marathon pace.
       15 minutes:      Eat, hydrate, stretch, change clothes if necessary.
       30 minutes:      Complete Angie, max intensity.
       15 minutes:      Sprint 10x100m with 1:00 rests.
       15 minutes:      Complete 100 burpees. 
       30 minutes:      4 rounds: 50 squats, 5 muscleups. Sub 3/3 for MU if necessary.
       30 minutes:      500 situps.
       10 minutes:      Run 1 mile allout.

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