2 days until FGB in Fredericton!


2 days until FGB in Fredericton!

Reminder that the gym will be closed on Saturday. We’re participating in the International Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Canada called Fight Gone Bad. Click on the big red dot to donate!

10-20-30 reps of:
Wall ball

Doing Birthday Burpees for Heather's 27th!

Doing Birthday Burpees for Heather's 27th!

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  1. Warmup x 3

    Strength: Backsquat

    10-20-30 reps of:
    Wall ball (20#)

    Time 9:38

    Holy shit did my 3rd round ever slow down HAHA

  2. Jane

    OK, there’s a Feces Revolution going on. First, Gym Guy teaches us about the “Poop Box” on Sunday’s post and then last night, I’m flipping through channels and there’s a British nutritionist telling some lady how to get healthy. She shows her all the food that’s good for her, etc… Then she says, “And you have to have two good BMs a day. Follow me to the bathroom and we’ll talk about how you can accomplish this.” Here she exclaims, “You need a stool for your stool.” She pulls out a little stool, talks about a somethin’, somethin’ valve, just like the guy in the video, and then sits on the toilet and shows her how to simulate a squat position in order to have a healthy poop. WOW! Who knew?? 🙂

  3. MC

    Warm up x2
    Strength: 3×45 3×65 3×75 3×85 3×95 Should have got higher!

    WOD: 10-20-30 reps with a #12 vest (Tyler’s brilliant idea):
    Wall Ball

    Time: 10:55 min.

  4. Pierre

    STRENGTH –> Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3
    135-185-225-240-250 (PR for reps…I thought my PR for reps was 255, but it was actually 245, so yahoo! )

    WOD –> 8:24

    My legs felt like crap after the first rounds! That backsquat PR didn’t help much!

    Good job Dave… you kept me pushing harder!

  5. lance

    Warmup x3
    strength 3-3-3-3-3
    cleans 45-95-115-135-155

    Wall Ball
    Time: 12mins

    Im planning to go to the FGB on saturday so i was hoping someone would let me know if i could get a ride with them there and back so i can go. Thanks!

  6. Kevin

    Did back squats with Tim tonight.

    240×3 (pr for reps)

    AND!! Tim got 5 pullups in a row tonight!!! Congrats!!

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