Holy &$*@!


Holy &$*@!

“Bad language could be good for you, a new study shows. For the first time, psychologists have found that swearing may serve an important function in relieving pain.”

CLICK HERE for the full report from Scientific American.

Does swearing help you through a CrossFit workout?


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Rob keeps his arms straight through the clean

Rob keeps his arms straight through the clean. As for his facial expression, I have no idea!

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  1. Heather (Mum)

    CFWU X 3
    Strength 5-5-5-5-5
    Front Squat 35-40-45-50-55

    WOD “Diane”
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Deadlifts (95 lb.)
    Time: 10:54 I think. I forgot to write it down.

  2. Hilary

    Strength 5-5-5-5-5
    Overhead squat

    WOD “Diane”
    Deadlifts (115lbs)
    HSPU (pushups)
    Time: 6:04
    I think I swore during this workout:)Made me feel way better.

  3. Rob

    Ha Ha!! I must have been holding back a swear… waiting for someone’s mom to drop the 1st “F-bomb”. Ah well, I guess a primate-like facial expression is better than bad form. Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity… right!! 😉

  4. Heather (Mum)

    I am thinking about the saying “No pain, no gain”. As I sit here in excruiating pain I think “This is good, I must be making great gains.” If not, I must need to swear a lot more or possbily my son is just trying to kill me. I think I will cancel my life insurance just in case.

  5. “Diane” (modified)
    21-15-9 reps of:
    185 pound Deadlift


    First time doing high rep, heavy deads since March. They were a lot harder than I remembered. Push-ups were quick and strong (thank you Yoga :))

  6. Rob

    A non-fictional comedy about the great sense of community at CF Moncton…

    While at a grocery store 2day @ noon I spotted Darren from a distance, I could tell that he didn’t recognize me at 1st, but after a double take we exchanged “hellos”. Then from about 20ft. away Darren called out, “Sorry Rob, I didn’t recognize you with all your cloths on”. Though I understood what he meant (business attire vs. gym gear), I thought “wow, that could sure be misinterpreted” and as I rounded the aisle there was reality to greet me with a judgemental stare. “Just great” I though to myself.

    So what’s a guy to do? It was obvious that any attempt to explain to this woman that we do CrossFit together was going to be far too complicated. I opted to hold my head high, smile and continue about my business. Thanks Darren… we’re sure to be the topic of discussion at dinner table or two this evening. Ha Ha!

  7. Pierre

    Just to let you guys know, there is some construction going around the gym.

    If you are coming from Baig-Loftus…drive thru the McFadens parking lot to get to the gym.

    If you are coming from Baig-Henri Dunnant, you might have to go all the the around to Loftus to get to the gym.

    Leave a few minutes early to make sure you get at the gym on time.

  8. MC

    AHAHAHAHHA Rob!! You took the right decision!!! 🙂

    Warm up x2 + 400 m med ball run!

    Back squat 5×85, 5×105

    WOD: Diane
    Deadlift #130
    HSPU (green at top, redband)

    Time: 13:12 min LAst time I did #135 with red at top in 14:04. Don’t really know which one is now my PR.

  9. Robin

    WU x 3

    Back Squat 5 x 5

    WOD: Diane
    Deadlifts (85)
    HSPUs (red/ green)

    Time: 6:36

    MC, you were right, I should have gone heavier.

  10. Tracey

    WU x3

    Strength: 5-5-5-5-5
    Front Squat 55-60-65-70-75(PR)

    WOD: “Diane”
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Deadlift (85)
    Push Ups

    Time: 5:09

    Sorry about the mix up on time Kevin.

  11. elissa

    WU X 2

    Strenght Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

    21-15-9 of:

    HSPU (1st round blue and green, 2nd and 3rd Red and green band)

    Deadlift (95#)


  12. Rob

    CF WU x 2
    Strength: Front Squat (PR is @ 175 for 1 Rep)
    5 x 45 5 x 95 5 x 135 5 x 145 5 x 155

    WOD: Diane
    Deadlift @ 225
    HSPU (with 2 green bands)
    Time 7:20 PR !! 🙂

    Prev PR was set May 16 DL @ 225 and HSPU with Red & Green bands. Time was 13:12.

    Great work tonight everyone!! Shane and Jeff, you guys did awesome, welcome aboard!

    Elissa WAY 2 GO with those HSPU – Excellent work!

  13. Jane

    CFWU x 3

    Strength – Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 / 55-60-65-70-75 (PR for reps but too much weight; bad form at the end)

    WOD: “Diane”

    21-15-9 reps of:
    Deadlifts (95lbs.)
    HSPU (Blue & Green)

    Time: 5:53

  14. Pierre

    STRENGTH –> Press 5-5-5-5-5
    65-85-95-105 (PR for reps)

    WOD –> “Diane”

    225# deadlift
    HSPU (green band on top – yellow at the bottom)

    Time: 10:02

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