Maine Cert.


Maine Cert.

The trainers doing a WOD at the Level 1 Cert in Maine.

The trainers doing a WOD at the Level 1 Cert in Maine.

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  1. I know it doesn’t count if not accomplished at the gym, but I wanted to announce that my dog Winston ran 5km and beat his master’s time by more than 3 minutes with 23:29. I ran next to him to track his time/distance 🙂

  2. krista

    well, i haven’t posted in a looong time so here goes…

    parlee beach sprint duathlon (my first duathlon) today
    5km run (25:14), 23km bike (45:38), 2.5km run (11:49)
    total: 1:22:40

    very pleased with the result, especially second run time. that put me first in my age category, 2nd female overall, and 8th out of 19 folks total. it’s a whole different world of hurt than a 5 hour mountain bike race, but it was good – and kinda fun!

  3. Hey Kevin, Pierre and Moncton crew.
    Great meeting up with you guys at cert in Maine.
    Crazy numbers you guys posted with the WOD they put us through.

    One word for Kevin…Mutant 341 on Fight Gone Burpee…enough said.

    Hope to train up there again soon


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