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  1. Great job today Kevin. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next one. Congratulations on getting such a great turnout – it really is great to get together with the other members of the CF community.

    Thanks again for pulling this together.

    PS. awesome job today Heather. You did great!

  2. Kezia

    This was an amazing event with wonderful people and excellent organization! I was very impressed and look forward to many more WODs in order to once again attend the next time!

    Thanks to Kevin and his volunteers!

    Kezia Stever

  3. Kevin L

    The Hopper Event was great! I had a blast and now I know what I need to work on. Hope things aren’t gettin too crazy with the dinner.

    Where was it you said the workout tomorrow was with Cfit Dieppe?

  4. Lance

    That was a great event i can’t wait for next year. I don’t think iv ever pushed myself so hard in a WOD before that was crazy.

    PS. Sean those cookies were awesome good job 😀

  5. Matt - Crossfit B

    Hey everyone,

    Congrats for EVERYONE to finish their WOD….from begginer to elite, everyone finished and did an amazing Job!!! Thanks Kevin for organizing it and all the volunteers and involved. It was nice meeting so many of you and hope to see you all t the next event!!!….Im proud for our Crossfit community!! A la prochaine crossfriends!!

  6. Trish


    You did an amazing job at organizing this event. I know everyone I spoke to had a fantastic time and it was so great to see new crossfitters take part in this event. It is events like this that make me so proud to be a part of the crossfit community. I can’t wait for next year! Thanks again to you, Pierre and MC for coming out to Magic Mountain with us today, we had a great time:)

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