It’s GO time!


It’s GO time!

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate with us today! Hoorah!

While you’re driving down Rideout St, look for the parking sign. When you register, you’ll need to fill out a waiver, pay your $10 and you’ll receive a food/beverage ticket and a door prize ticket. Show up early to avoid the line. Registration is from 9-9:45am.

Bring bug spray! It’s swampy and the mosquitos are BAD.


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  1. Pierre

    Woohooo…let’s hit hard that mysterious WOD!!!

    Good luck everyone and enjoy it….competition like those makes people pull some crazy times and used every ounces of energy that they have in their guts!

  2. Hi guys!

    Good luck today – I can’t make it today, as I’m at Acadia University for the next 7 days.

    I have no doubt it will be a great success.


  3. Pierre

    Wow!! Great job by everyone… there was some crazy times!!
    All men and women worked pretty hard on this one.
    There was a great sense of the Crossfit Community at the event. Everybody was cheering for everybody.

    The WOD was:

    400m forward run
    35 revers lunges
    21 thrusters
    25 double-unders
    30 kbs (35#)
    200m forward run

    I managed to finish in 6:08…. so that took me to 11th!! I am pretty happy about my standing since I wanted to finish Top 20.

    Again, great job everyone!

  4. Elissa

    I enjoyed myself! what a great event.

    I didnt check what ranking I was in, will this be posted on crossfit moncton? 🙂

  5. Andy

    Wow! That was all killer, no filler! When the guys took off out the gates I got lost in the smoke! My goal was to not finish last- and I didnt…I think I was 42/45 and a time of approx 9 min… Good to feel Crossfit sore again 🙂
    Thanks to Kevin and everyone that volunteered their time today! We all really appreciate it!!

  6. janine- crossfit bathurst

    Fun fun! Thanks Kevin for making this a great event a success. I think everybody pushed real hard and had a blast.
    Personal Thanks to Mike who coached me through it…and Jodi who ran with me and hates running.

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