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Extra! Extra!

Hot off the press! Here it is! The July Newsletter from CrossFit Moncton. By request, we’ve included a recipe section to help people stay in the Zone. We also have a feature article from Pierre Boivin about the Gymnastics Certification.

July 2009 Newsletter

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  1. MC

    Interesting Peanut Butter cup Recipe!! For August Newsletter… smurf muffin?
    Tracey-I’ve been following The Zone since January and the benefit are unreal. Yes I lose weight, but more important I control my insulin level and I am more energetic at work and stonger at crossfit. 🙂

  2. Kezia

    Great job on the newsletter! I am a long distance runner having run several marathons and half marathons! I have not been running longer than 400-800 m since joining Crossfit 3 months ago. I have also not biked in at least 10 years! I too was surprised at how well I did at the Subaru Duathlon! I was in great shape to do it thanks to Crossfit! Too bad I was so chicken biking!

    Kezia Crossfit Bathurst

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