Injured? Don’t worry about it…


Injured? Don’t worry about it…

Continuing to CrossFit while you have an acute injury can actually promote healing, Kelly Starrett told participants at a one day seminar at CrossFit Santa Cruz on November 9, 2008. Starrett is the owner of San Francisco CrossFit and a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

“You had a surgery on Friday? Take a couple of days off. See you on Monday,” Starrett said. The key is modifying the program. Grace can be done with dumbbells. If a limb is injured, don’t use it. But keep working out. It’ s best to train through and around injures. Otherwise, the “ghosts” of injuries can remain for years and negatively affect athletic performance.

Check out this video for more information – “Training Through Acute Injuries Part 1” by Kelly Starrett, CrossFit JournalPreview – video [wmv] [mov]

No matter if you have an disabled shoulder or a bummed knee, CrossFit Moncton will work with you on what you CAN do.


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  1. Sean

    did the du-athlon …slow but did it …need to run more ….alot more :o)

    congrats to all who did it ….where was Janine and Gabrielle ????

  2. Kevin

    Yay! My first Duathlon! That 20k bike was tough, especially the first 10k of it. I’m pleased with my results, seeing as how I’ve only biked a total of 40k in the past 2 years.

    My time was 1:20:41 and the finish was sweet. There were 3 people in front of me and in the last 200m, I turned up the heat and sprinted by them. I came in 4th in my division and 48th overall.

    Pierre – you did awesome man! Thanks for coming out!

    Sean – CrossFit will help with your running. You’re welcome back anytime.

    Lisa, Mike, MC – Thanks for the cheering…it really helped.

    And now it’s rest time.

  3. Pierre

    I would have posted earlier, but I slept for 2 hours!! hahahaha

    Oh man, my legs a shoot now, my ass is sore and I have no energy but it was a great experience!!

    The bike run was horrible, people (at least 10) were passing me like bullets with their road bikes, but I managed to catch a few (around 6) back on the last 1k of the run.

    I am also pleased with my results seeing as I have only bike (1) 20k in the past 1.5 year. I finished 8th in the division and 71th overall.

    Thank Kevin for being my Crossfit coach, without you I would probably be still there running or biking.

    Sean – You did awesome man. Thanks for giving us the idea.

    Thanks MC, Janelle and Lisa for cheering for us! It helped a lot to have some people cheering for us when we were passing by, it kept me going.

    Now it is rest for me, I will be back at the gym tuesday. 🙂

  4. Congrats Guys! Sounds like you had fun.

    CFWU x 1

    Five rounds for time of:
    55 pound Thrusters, 21 reps
    21 Double-unders


    And I did a 75min Yoga class this morning.

  5. krista

    nice work guys! good thing tuesday isn’t a race day again Sean huh!?
    great job on the thrusters/DUs tonight Jeanette!

    CF evening play time!
    mobility, stretching, physio stuff
    push ups, pull ups, k2e

    DU practice – figured out a little technique today, 4 consecutive too
    a few sets of 25# swings – starting back light and feeling the posture, technique more than muscling the weight up there

    HSPU practice – 4 x 5 with green (top), red (around arms)

  6. Pierre

    Here is the summary of what I ate today after that Duathlon.

    3 chocolat chip cookies
    1 butterscotch cookie
    1 small ice cream waffle cone + udderly divine ice cream (that is the same size as a large)
    1 huge prime rib steak
    strawberries spinach salad
    1 orange
    3 Subway sandwich (2 ham + 1 cold cut)
    1 orange
    1 banana

    I think that’s it…a lot of carbs today! 🙂

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