Didn’t we just do legs yesterday?


Didn’t we just do legs yesterday?

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats


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  1. MC

    YEAH KRISTA JOEL AND JULIE!!! Nice video!!!

    My legs are sooooo sore!!! I am soooo glad it’s my rest day today!!! Have fun everyone!! 🙂

  2. Cute video. Krista, how did Kevin convince you to get in front of a camera??

    This is one of those wods that consistently gives me anxiety. But I will not fear this goat of a workout today. I will show it love and shower it with hugs and kisses. Maybe then it will be nicer to me.

  3. Heather (Mum)

    Squats. Yeah!! My legs are already hurting. MC – you may have to come tonight to get me through the squats.

  4. MC

    Actually, I would love to go for cheer training tonight, but I have so much things to do!! But don’t worry Heather…you are going to be fine!! You’re going to get those squats!! You’re a strong woman now!!! 🙂

  5. krista

    Jeanette- he was sneaky and caught me with my guard down post workout, i was too tired to complain and run away 🙂

  6. Andy

    Just finished the workout with Joel.

    CFWU Mobility
    Very sore neck which is keeping me from doing too much these days.

    WOD 800m run + 50 squate X 4

  7. Warm-Up:
    Sun Salutes A&B (x 3)

    Four rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    50 Squats


    This was 1:04 faster than 07NOV but 20secs slower than my PR which was done on a track last July. Hell, I’LL TAKE IT!

    I would like to thank love and pretty pink tank tops for getting me through this one 😉

  8. krista

    so legs days it is then… here’s my account of the legs:

    last night:
    Rotary Park mtb race, format 45 minutes plus a lap
    6 laps total, over 12 km total, about 5 crashes and my wheel dropped out of my frame (from so much torque i have now from CF i’m sure!)
    result- still first place girl!

    830 this am:
    65km road ride out to scoudouc, shediac bridge, cape breton road
    2 hour 37

    6pm tonight:
    led an intro mountain bike ride for girls
    21km total, 1 hour 30 or so

    MC! tina was out with us tonight – you have to come too next time, we’ll try to do it on your rest day or at a time to not conflict with CF. she’s coming road biking with us tomorrow too. i have an extra road bike WHEN you want to come and try it!!!!!!! seriously!

    Jeanette – i knew you had it! you’ve been working those runs really well!

  9. Joel

    WU X 3
    Jumping muscle ups X 10

    WOD with Andy
    Run 400m 50 Air squats – 4 rounds

    14:16 (somebody switched my regular running shoes for cement ones without my knowledge today I’m sure!!)

    way a go Andy! You ran like a jackrabit!

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