Impossible? Only if you believe it…


Impossible? Only if you believe it…

Have you ever done something that you never thought was possible before? Way back when, you saw it as an impossible feat, and now, you are able to complete it?

Diane gave me that feeling today. I remember doing that workout on Sept.17, 2007 for the first time. I had to scale the deadlifts to 205# and the handstand pushups were assisted with someone pulling my legs up. At that point, I thought that I would never be able to do this workout as prescribed. But after working on my weaknesses, I managed to pull off Diane, no substitutions or scaling required. 

In the comments, please share a story of something you’ve overcome or accomplished that you thought was impossible at one point.


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  1. MC

    I remember back last summer…my pull up was consisting of jumping the higher as possible to get my chin over the bar! I wasn’t the only one! All the girls were having a hard time with them…excepting Jeanette!! At that time I though I would never be able to do one pull up! I had the weakest arms ever!! A couple months later, I did my first pull up!! Biggest crossfit accomplishment ever!!
    I also remember back in fall a 45 lbs bar was really HEAVY!!! I was far from doing most of the wod as r’xd. I am still not able to do all of them with the prescribe weight, but now I could manage to get a 100 pounds overhead!
    Last year, if someone had told me that a couple months later I would be able to do all what I can do today…I would have said: That’s impossible!!!

  2. Run 3k (hill route) – 15:59 (36secs faster than 26APR)

    Fastest time yet this year with this route. Today I ran it in the opposite direction. I think it made a difference mentally.

  3. Kevin

    Great story MC, thanks for sharing!

    Today, Pierre and I went to YMCA for a workout. We did “The Kitchen Sink”

    25 lunges
    20 push press 45#
    50 box jump
    20 tuck jumps
    25 dips
    30 DB swings 35#
    20 hang squat cleans 45#
    25 good mornings 45#
    30 wall ball 8kg
    20 burpees

    I finished in 8:48 (beat my last time by over 2 minutes)

    We then showed those bicep curling bastards how to lift weights. We did 5×3 deadlifts.


    All-in-all, a great day!

  4. Sean

    had a lot of accomplishments in mtn biking …hills that i thought i would never bike up or bike down for that matter :o)

    next weekend i am going to try a 5 hour solo mtn bike race ….we shall see what my legs(body) lets me do


  5. Heather (Mum)

    Everything I do in Crossfit amazes me. I never thought I would ever do a full situp, a pullup, graduating from the rings to the bar, running 800 m, doing 143 squats a night, 150 situps in one night. All amazing. Thank you Kevin for believing in me and for the rest of the group for always encouraging me.

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