SOLD! To the highest bidder for $750!


SOLD! To the highest bidder for $750!

I’m speechless. I really don’t know where to start. The whole night seemed surreal. 

All the bachelors gathered at the Delta Beau at 5pm. Everyone introduced themselves and talked about how they got roped into the event. I just told people it was a long story. We met all the organizers who were done up extremely nice and you could tell they were pumped for what was about to unfold. 

We all put on our black shirts and jeans, did a practice run on the catwalk, and found out what our entrance music was going to be. Ya, we had entrance music…just like in wrestling! 

So at about 7p, after a few ‘tipsy-pops’, we went out to the lobby to meet the lovely ladies. We mingled and talked, answered lots of questions. This was where we had to ‘sell’ ourselves to the potential bidders. It wasn’t like a regular auction though…these bidders were dressed to the hilt and looked amazing! 

It was 7:45 and show time! I was the second last bachelor to go on stage, so I had quite the wait. It gave me time to rack up my nerves a little bit. We had no idea how much people were going to bid. When the first guy went on, the auctioneer started the bidding at $300. Ya, three hundred! AND SOMEONE ACTUALLY BID! Everybody in the room was floored! Who would pay that much?! And then the bidding kept getting higher and higher. I think the first guy sold for $500. For a date!

So that set the stage. No one bid less than $400 for a bachelor. The third guy, Brian Gallant, was the first guy to go for over $1000! Insane!! Ernie Steeves was the first guy to go after intermission, and he went for $1850! Soon, it was my turn. I didn’t want to be the guy with the lowest bid, so I had to ham it up a bit on stage. My entrance music was “December, 1963 (Oh What a Night)”…and oh, what a night it was! I hit the stage, did some kind of strut thing, pointed to the screaming ladies in the crowd, shook my money maker, and milked every second on the catwalk. 

Then the bidding started at $300. And it kept going up, and up, and up. There was a little bidding war between two tables, and it eventually made it to $750! The winning bidder was Lynne, who is an avid adventure junkie. She told me my sense of adventure is what sold her. We met up later last night (or this morning) at the Gate and got to talk over a few drinks.

Anyway, this event was not about having drinks or getting dates. It was all about raising money for an amazing cause, Crossroads for Women. The Moncton Women’s Progress Club put on an outstanding show, and managed to double what they expected to bring in…close to $20,000. The last guy actually went for $3000! It was an absolute honor to be a part of such a worthy event. 


Talking to some of the potential bidders

Talking to some of the potential bidders

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  1. Straight from the beauty salon… I walk in the door and the first thing the girls are talking about this morning is last night’s Bachelor Auction. Perfect, I thought.

    Of course the first thing I ask about is Kevin… and sure enough the girl said he was cute. And yeah, no one could believe how much the women were bidding. Apparently the stud who went for $3000 is quite the catch. The organizers probably put him last for a reason 😉

    Yay for Crossroads!

  2. Rob

    Congratulations Kevin!! 🙂
    Great to hear that the event was a success… and for such a great cause. Enjoyed reading your overview. See ya tonight.

  3. Hahahaha! Elissa, I was thinking the same thing. I find it really hard to believe that it’s that hard to get a date these days.

    I wonder what our reaction would be if this hadda been a Bachelorette Auction?

  4. MC

    Congrats Kevin!!! Is that make you some sort of prostitute?? lol!! Do you feel abuse?? I glad you had fun!!
    That was a great story…but you didn’t post the workout yet!!

  5. Kevin

    No abuse. There was just a lot of hooting and hollering.

    You’re right, I haven’t posted a workout. Hmm…weird.

  6. MC

    Is that mean a rest day for everyone??
    I don’t like your:”Hmm…weird”! Like you really forgot to post the WOD!! Yeah right!! The wod could be anything! But don’t make me run with a friggen big heavy med ball!!

  7. Trish

    Congrats on your catwalk success Kevin!!! I expect you to teach us some of your dance moves the next time Brandon and I are in town:)

  8. Kevin

    WOD tonight was
    10 Squat Cleans (135/95#)
    50 Situps
    8 Squat Cleans
    40 Situps
    6 Squat Cleans
    30 Situps
    4 Squat Cleans
    20 Situps
    2 Squat Cleans
    10 Situps

    My workout started with 5×5 shoulder press.
    95, 95, 100, 105, 105

    Overhead Squats x1
    135, 145 (PR!)

    WOD – 11:25 (situps were SLOOOOW)

    Nice work everyone!

  9. MC

    Strength: OHS 1-1-1-1-1
    Theses are hard!! I need to work on my balance!

    10 squat clean #80
    50 Situp
    8 SC
    40 SU
    6 SC
    30 SU
    4 SC
    20 SU
    2 SC
    10 SU

    Time: 9:39 min PR
    Last time…back in October, I did this workout with a 35lbs bar and it took me 7:29 min! So 2 min more…but 45 pounds more!! YAY!! 🙂

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