April 28 workout

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  1. Lisa

    4k run
    first 2k 14min
    second 21min
    Kevin im going to N.S. if I don’t make the wod I will see you at the gym after. Lisa

  2. Kevin

    Sounds good Lisa.

    Pierre – Did you see this WOD from NorCal?
    Max reps in 10 minutes of:
    Ground-to-Shoulder (Male: 185#, Female: 105#)

  3. Jason - CrossFit Fredericton

    Pierre, that’s because you don’t normally train with Tony and Jodi. Our most feared days are when they come up with the WOD on their own. And now they’ve come up with 4 events for us? yikes!

  4. hey guys!
    I missed severals days of your post. you boys getting excited for this weekend? I was gonna ask if any of you were planning on going to PEI’s gymnastic cert and just noticed the post you put up.

    Kevin… that wod would be 0 reps for me, haha.
    ps.. did you get your stickers?

  5. Pierre

    STRENGTH–> 5-5-5 – Shoulder press
    75-95-100 (failed at 3rd rep)

    L-SIT max –> 41s…didn’t beat MC the L-Sit Queen but PR by 14 sec

    WOD–> Death by shoulder press
    4 rounds + 3 reps.

    There was too much shoulder in my training today…didn’t like it.

  6. Heather (Mum)

    Hospice Greater Moncton is having a book sale. If any of you have books you would like to donate, bring them to the gym and I will deliver them. Thanks, See you Wed.

  7. Pierre

    warm up x2

    Strength: Front squat 5-5-5
    75-100-125(4) PR

    L-sit practice (didn’t notice the max L-sit on the board)

    max L-sit: 48 sec

    WOD: Death by shoulder press
    6 rounds = 6 min
    It’s incredible how the fifth rounds was fine and the sixth so hard!

  8. Jeanette

    CFWU x 3 (w/ 5 Muscle-Up progressions per round… Soon baby. Soon you will be mine)

    Shoulder Press (5)-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

    100# is my PR and I wanted to hit it today, but it just wasn’t happenin’. No biggie.

  9. krista

    ride to gym 5km
    mobility warm up

    ‘angie’ rx first time

    time 26:01 (WOOHOO!! especially as i lost piles of time taping my hands a kazilion times – ripped them open on pull up 10, then again around 45, then another spot around 65 – i looked like a zombie by the end of pull ups!)

    last time is did angie was april 24th, 08 – jumping pull ups, knee push ups and anchored feet for sit ups with a time of 30:08 – take that Angie!

    i could taste those muscle ups for you jeanette you’re so close!

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