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  1. Kevin

    Pierre and I did the 6km cross country loop we did in the fall. Today was quite windy and VERY wet!

    My old time was 27:49 and beat it today with 27:27. I know it’s not by much, but there were small lakes and streams on the trail.

  2. Pierre

    Ok, so here is the summary of my Pre-qualifiers weekend:


    3 brutal WODs that we picked from SoCal and Great Basin qualifers.

    1ST –> Row 2k, then 6 rounds of: 20 box jump, 10 wall ball


    2ND–> 6 rounds of: 30 squats, 10 chest to bar pullups, 5 clean to overhead (155#)


    3RD – 5 rounds of: 7 deadlift (275), 30 squats, 7 HSPUs

    Did only 1 round with 275# and almost 1 with 225#. (time limit of 20min)
    This was the worse….I was already dead at the beginning of the WOD because of the other 2 WODs we did.

    And we rolled 2 big tires between WOD 1 & 2


    6k run (same route as we did last October for the Cross-country race)

    TIme: 28:18

    Compare to the race back in October with the same route, I improved a lot 30:16 was my last time. I would have place myself 11th instead of 14th.

  3. krista

    just got back from a 105km road ride. 870 meters of climbing, total time: 4 hour 18 minutes. longest ride of the season so far by 40km!

    since 3pm friday i’ve covered just under 200km on the bike in just over 8 hours – not bad for a weekend’s work! the true CF test for me was today with the distance (that whole ‘does shorter metcon, weights and interval training really help distance/endurance athletes instead of doing long oxidative training’ debate – the answer a resounding YES!) the short waves of ‘oh my lord my legs are burning i can’t go on’ went as quickly as they came, my recovery much faster than i’d even hoped! i feel really in good condition. it’s gonna be a great season!

    awesome work on the WOD marathon this weekend you guys!

  4. Pierre

    Good job on your side Krista!!! That’s a long biking weekend!

    I am happy to see that you fall/winter Crossfit training helped you also on your bike. That proves that Crossfit makes good atheletes.

    On my side, my shins are starting to get sore a bit….tomorrow won’t be that fun I can already feel it.

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