What do you think about Paleo?


What do you think about Paleo?


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  1. Julie

    9km run 56:15
    i could have kept going, but my knee was screaming at me.

    could we be so lucky and not get any snow this weekend!!

  2. Lisa

    That was an awsome way to educate us on the right and wrong way to get healthy and make better decisions to live long and be strong and healthy!!!!!!!!

  3. krista

    i decided to go metric for my birthday!
    1 kilometer of burpees – 473, 1 hour 23 minutes

    did it over at the track in dieppe. i hit ‘lap’ on my garmin every 10 burpees to keep track, so as long as i counted to 10 right each time (which i’m sure i didn’t a few times) i did 473 burpees. that puts me with 625 burpees in the bank for the challenge (this week’s WODs seemed to have been burpee centric).

  4. janine- crossfit bathurst

    Emmmm…not sure about the banking of the burpees Krista. The rules state on the day irself, if you do burpees, you can count them for the day’s burpee…but I didn’t think you could bank them for futur days.

    Happy b’day though!! 🙂

  5. Sean

    happy birthday Krista …you old lady :o)

    went to visit Kevin at the wellness show …he looked sooo lonely 🙂

    then went to earth day to eat :o)

  6. MC

    Happy Birthday Krista! 1K Burpees??? That’s awesome!!! After seeing you did 473 burpees, I decide to do your birthday burpees even if it was rest day!!! 🙂

    My legs are so sore today!! I think its might be yesterday biking eheheh!

  7. krista

    screw that janine 🙂
    – those burpees were logged legitimately through WODs, not just by doing extras to save my hide later on. i’m counting them! either way i’ll still do the full 5050 by the end.

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