We’re back!


We’re back!

Congratulations to Krista, Joel and Pierre for attaining their Level 1 CrossFit Certificates! I’ll let them speak for themselves, but we had a very awesome weekend.

The next trip is…

August 15th – 16th
CrossFit Level I Certification
Maine State Police
Maine Criminal Justice Academy
Vassalboro, ME

We already have a few people registered to go. Sign up soon, because the East Coast certs sell out quickly.


Five rounds for time of:
155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps


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  1. MC

    I am glad you are back! It was a boring long weekend without the crossfit moncton!
    Congrats everyone for the cert!!

    Sean- They won’t pick on us…our form and technique are perfect!!! 🙂

  2. krista

    the cert was super cool – the trainers, the trainees and the space all rocked. everyone was so real and genuine and down to earth. it was really cool to watch the trainers (the big dogs like EC, Pat and Heather do some WODs a the lunch breaks too – they are so freakin’ strong!)

    thanks heather for letting us take your vehicle, and kevin for doing WAY more than his share of the driving.

  3. Julie

    Congrats – Krista, Joel and Pierre. 🙂
    Great job !!

    I’m still doing the burpee challenge. I just forgot to post, so..
    day 11 done
    day 12 done; and
    day 13 done…87 days to go or 4959

  4. krista

    pierre – especially as you know great DL, Clean and C/J techniques now! and you said yesterday you wanted to do the Bear again soon – and this WOD has half the elements in it

  5. Andy

    WU x 3 (pulls rb, s/u, p/u, squats, good ams)
    Practice form for WOD

    WOD 5 rds for time “DT”
    12-9-6 DL, HPC, PJs (95lbs)

    Should have went higher on the weight I think…

  6. Julie

    14 burpees √

    Warmup: mobility; sit-ups; push-ups; lunges; double unders

    3 Rounds
    400m Backwards
    400m Forward
    50 sit-ups
    Approx 22min.
    Running backwards on treadmill was a bit awkward the first time around – adjusting speed, but the next two rounds were better and faster.

    Strength 2-2-2-2-2
    Deadlifts: 135-155-185-195-195

  7. Janine- Crossfit Bathurst

    welcome back boys and girls!

    those burpees are starting to suck, lol
    but I think i’m already getting better at them.
    I am NOT quiting!

  8. MC

    warm upx2

    skill : deadlift, hang power clean and jerk

    WOD: ”DT”
    5 rounds of :
    -12 deadlift #65
    – 9 hang power clean #65
    – 6 push jerk #65

    Time: 12:31

  9. Elissa

    WU X 2

    Skill: worked on DL, Hand power clean and push jerk

    5 Rounds of

    12 DL
    9 Hang power clean
    6 push jerk


    = 16:22

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