My laptop has about 17% battery life left, so this is going to be a quick post.

Had our first day yesterday, and it was awesome! Some trainers are here that I never thought would come up this way. We got Pat Sherwood, EC, Jon Gilson, Rob Miller, Heather Keenan, Adrian Bozman AND Nicole Carrol!! It’s an all-star line up, that’s for sure.

We did Tabata Bottom-to-Bottom squats in the morning. My score was 17. Later in the day, after a brutal warm-up, we did Fran. I thought I was basically screwed after doing squats and deadlifts all day, but I managed to pull out a PR at 4:52.

Meet Justin and Merilynn (spelling?) from CrossFit Dieppe. They’re some realy nice people and we’re going to meet up with them tonight for supper after the cert.

We met a guy that came all the way from Ireland to attend the cert. It’s been a blast talking to him.

Also met a 69 year old CrossFitter!! It was absolutely remarkable to see him do Fran as Rx’d and finish in under 10 minutes (like 8:47!!). So to anyone that says they can’t do CrossFit, I rest my case.

Today should be a really good day. I’m going to guess we’re doing Fight Gone Burpee, so we’ll be quite sore tomorrow. I’m surprised I’m not too sore today. The others are still sleeping, so I don’t know how they feel.

OH YAA!! Joel came up with a bright idea last night of challenging me to eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream….for time! I have a hard time backing down from challenges, so I accepted. Long story short, I crushed it in under 15 minutes! That meant bad news for Joel, as we were sharing a bed that night! HAHAHA!

It’s breakfast time! Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Krista

    It meant not only bad news for Joel – but Pierre and I too – note to anyone out there – if you’re sharing close space with anyone but a bit of time DONT challenge them to that task!!

    The first day rocked! Chowing down now and off to day two!

    And don’t worry Janine, I haven’t been able to post but I’m doing all my burpees and more down here!

  2. MC

    Good to know that you guys is having a good time. It should be a great experience!!

    I am not surprise that Kevin accepted the challenge, after the other night with all the weird shooters challenge.

  3. Sean

    i`m sure the ice cream was better than meatball sauce :o)

    hope everyone had a great Easter weekend

    hope your feeling better Heather :o-)

    see ya all next friday night

  4. janine- crossfit bathurst

    Haha. Good job Krista! I ate so much chocolate today, I nearly met pukie doing my 12 burpees! Uuurgh.

    So…great coach crew. That’s awesome. And you got to meet Nicole! Isn’t she awesome?!

  5. MC

    Pierre, Kevin, Jeanette, Krista and Joel are on the picture of today Crossfit main site!! 🙂
    I had to keep my chocolate for later, yesterday I couldn’t taste anything! 🙁

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