Gym to re-open on Tuesday


Gym to re-open on Tuesday


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  1. Pierre


    We are leaving tonight!
    I start to feel a bit better…so that’s good!
    I didn’t start packing…. 🙂

  2. Kevin

    Pierre and MC were the only ones registered for tonight. MC said she’d do a workout at home, so we’re going to get on the road earlier. Maybe you could head over to MC’s and hope on the rower with her.

  3. krista

    oh gawd, i REALLY hope i get a bit of sleep before we get there! i need my beauty sleep you know 🙂

    so what time is the departure now? i’m mostly packed as of last night. i’m off work at 4 but i still have just a wee bit of running around to do before i’m ready.

    Tracy- happy belated! perhaps i’ll do your b-day burpees today, and bank them for a day i really need a rest from them. day 9 of the 100 day challenge is easy, but later will be a different story i’m sure.

  4. MC

    I am at home usually around 4h30. I was thinking about doing a 5K row. The rowing machine is in the basement and the rower are in the garage, so the WOD could be:
    3 rounds for time of:
    300K row,
    30 lunges (on the stair until you reach the rings in the garage)
    30 ring dips or ring pull
    30 backward lunges (down the stair until you reach the rowing machine and without hurting yourself)

    Ahahah!!! I might actually try it!

  5. Andy

    Got another workout in today at Crossfit Victory in Tampa. No Hummer’s driving around today 😉
    WU x 1

    2 part WOD
    Part 1 – max KBS(1.5 pood) then continue to 150 total KBS for time….max of 40 and finished in 7:40.

    Part 2 – 3 rounds for time
    400m run ( run x1, then rows)
    10 kipping p/u (sub jumping)
    20 push ups(strict)
    30 sit ups (unachored)

    Great workout!! I beat the guy beside me on the KBS but then found out the guy is an FBI recruit! I “let” him beat me on Part 2 8)

    Have a great time in NY everyone! See y’all Tues…

  6. janine- crossfit bathurst

    MC…I was gona say…with 300k row…you’re gona row for a loooooooonnnnnnng time

    Have q good trip guys! Have fun.

    Sean…u can come do a wod in Bathurst 🙂

  7. MC

    Warm up x 2

    WOD: 5k row

    Time: 24:59.5 (my goal was to do it under 25 min…pretty close)

    Last time I did (Nov.24): 28:18 min. PR by 3:19 min!! YAY!! I love crossfit!! 🙂

  8. janine- crossfit bathurst

    Good stuff MC! Close call! I havn’t done 5k row in a long time. I might try it tomorow morning. Did you take breaks at all?

    Havnt done my burpees yet…ill do them as soon as I get home. Day 9 sucks already so I don’t want to skip! Lol

  9. Julie

    Everyone – Have a safe & great trip. Good luck on the certs.
    Jeanette- have a wonderful time across the ocean…

    9 burpees

  10. MC

    Janine – No I didn’t took any break. I almost take one because I wanted to change the track on my IPOD but I had the rythme and it wasn’t a good enough reason. After a while it started to hurt the forearm and it become a grip issue because you hand is starting to slip. I had to change my hand position on the handle (side to middle) a couple time.

    Too bad we don’t have crossfit today! It’s the CF TOTAL on the main site!!

  11. Julie

    10 burpees
    strength – Back Squat 3-3-3

    3.5k run
    25 Squats
    25 sit-ups
    25 lunges
    25 push-ups
    25 K2E
    25 dips
    25 pull-ups (jumping)
    25 box jumps
    Time: 8:48

    3 Rounds
    21 Push Press 20# (low weight due to arm)
    21 Good Mornings 15#
    Time: 6:10

    2.5k run 12:52
    1.5k walk 15:08

    All the running and walking was OUTDOORS!! 🙂
    I did try walking and running on a treadmill BACKWARDS…no one told me to stop, so I’ll think of something for tomorrow.

  12. MC

    Did a WOD today! I really had to kick by butt to get moving….but now I feel better 🙂

    Warm up x 2

    WOD: 3 rounds of:
    – 10 burpees
    – 20 lunges
    – 30 jump squats (never did that before…hard and slow)
    – 400m row

    Time: 15:45 min.

    A killing legs workout! Especially 24 hr after a 5K row. Krista, you would have love this one!!

    I did 30 burpees today!! Can I bank them for later? lol

  13. Heather (Mum)

    I did nothing also except go to the clinic and found out I have bronchisis and got an inhaler so I can breathe. Wonder how New York is going. Should be a post at some time.

  14. MC… did 5k rowing this morning
    time: 22:16, 3 mini stop for a sip of water

    I have to admit.. i only finished the 5k because you did it.

    10 burpees in the bank! they’re actually getting better i think. still hate’m though.

    any news from the roadtrip people?

  15. Heather (Mum)

    Thanks MC Glad to hear they made it ok. Hope they are having a good time. I’m sure they will. NY will never be the same after that crew.

  16. MC

    Wow Janine…great work on the 5K row!! I am jalous of your time!! I am glad to be a motivation!! 🙂 Maybe mini stops is a good strategy!
    Last night I called Pierre, and they walked in central park and time square yesterday. They were really tired yesterday night.
    I am starting a cold!! That is not fun!! I’ll try to do some cardio today to get out the ”mechant” of my body!!

  17. MC

    Morning Workout!
    Warm up x2
    Practice: 30 sec x2 Handstand

    WOD (Main site) : 3 rounds for time of :
    – 500 m row
    – 21 burpees
    – 400 m run (sub by 50 lunges)

    Time: 22:54 min. (include 8 mini break to get some tissue!)

    This was SO HARD!!! I don’t know if it’s because I am not use to a morning workout, the cold or probably because of the 5K row and the killing leg workout in the past 2 days. This leg training was awfull! I wanted to quite at the beginning of the 2nd rounds. My legs was crazy burning!! But I am glad I did it!!
    After I went to the market and ate a french fruits crepe and a bunch of skitchy cheese!! Yummy!!! 🙂 Well deserve rest tomorrow!!

  18. Heather (Mum)

    Kevin called to say he is not posting because he forgot his power cord for the laptop. They are having a good time.

  19. Janine

    MC.. thanks.
    I think i’m starting a cold too!! :o( Maybe our 5k row caused it! lol

    might go for a run in the morning.. burn a few calories before my chocolate eating marathon… mmmm

    Happy Easter!

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