Max Day!


Max Day!

Max out on: Pushups, Pullups, Double Unders
Joel - The Push-up King

Joel - The Push-up King

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  1. Pierre

    Hey Kevin, I forgot to cancel my registration yesterday….so I can’t now.

    I will take a rest day today….pack my bag and get ready for NYC!

  2. MC

    Rest day today!! Dentist day lol!! I’ll try to remember to do my 7 burpees.

    Pierre is more existing to go to the cert then he was to go to Mexico. I can tell by ”how many days before” he is packing his bags.

  3. Jeanette

    Hahaha! That’s funny MC.

    I’m gonna start packing today too Pierre. If I start now I should be on time and ready to go Thursday night 😉 My goal is to be ready before Kevin.

  4. sean

    Ya Joel ….where are you ?????

    did you fall off the balance board i made you ???

    should be easy to do my max DU 🙂

  5. Andy

    Greetings from Tampa 8)
    Had a great weekend and got crazy sunburn in 33degree heat- ouch!! Typical me- overdid it in the sun and underdid it with the Coppertone spray…

    Got to check out Crossfit Victory this morning. Cool box with a boxing ring, MMA equipment, and boxing dummies 🙂 And Kevin- loads of big ass tires! Its right beside a military base so it was cool doing the sets of 100 ft of lunges outisde as the Hummers went by! Coach Charlie insisted they be done with arms raised. Not sure why I felt guilty going by the army dudes with my hands up 😉

    Brought a CF Moncton T-shirt for coach Charlie but unfortunately they don’t have any CF Victory gear yet 🙁

    CF WU x1
    Then did yesterdays WOD (100 ft lunges, 21-19-15 etc pull ups and sit ups). Did jumping p/u’s on a suspended bar and sit ups were unachored

    Gonna hit it again Thursday! Have fun with the Max Day- sorry I’m missing it with you guys.

  6. Julie

    7 burpees √

    5k run – 28:41
    went to Irishtown Park and ran the paths. I had my IPod on for the first half of the run and my speed picked up, but the cord annoyed me so much that I threw in the reservoir —just kidding, I put it in my pocket. I’ll try to run again with music…even though it bugs me.
    Off to Halifax tomorrow morning at 4:30a.m.

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