Is the death of organic upon us?


Is the death of organic upon us?


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  1. Julie

    5 Burpees 🙂

    Run 4.77km – 28:57

    I really feel for our farmers today. The little guy is always get squashed. Doesn’t say too much for our judicial system either. That ruling just don’t make sense.

  2. Sean

    our law system is a croc of shit …how can they rule against the farmer …..F in idiots :oI

    i’m pissed …..going to pump out my 5 burpees

  3. Kevin

    3 rounds of:
    500m Row
    Deadlift x 12
    Box jumps x 21

    (the deadlifts were supposed to be body weight, but I did 225….idiot!)


  4. Pierre

    30 muscle-ups for time:
    22:32 (PR…. last time was 40:34 back Jan. 24th 2009)

    I was dissapointed of myself…butI guess it is not that bad.

  5. MC

    Did a workout at home and tried the new rowing machine!
    Warm up x 3: Push Up, SDHP, OHS, Goodmorning, situp

    WOD (found on crossfit endurance site):
    5 rounds of:
    40 sec rowing
    20 sec rest

    Total: 876 m

    Practice Handstand: 3 x 30 sec

    100 of long butterfly situp without rest.

    5 Burpees

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