April 4 workout


April 4 workout


135# Clean and Jerk, 30 reps


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  1. Kevin

    Still not fully recovered from the burpee mile. Also, hands (grip) were a limiting factor from last night’s Nicole.

    Clean and Jerks (7×1)


  2. krista

    CFWU (a whole mish-mash of stuff that i wanted to work on)

    Practice: OHS form and Clean form with dowel and 10#

    WOD: 5-10-15-10-5
    med ball clean and wall ball (14#)

  3. MC

    Warm upx3: HSPU, K2E, DU, pull up

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    1-45 1-50 1-55 1-60 1-65 1-70(F)
    Not a good idea to do HSPU in the warmup when you’ve got shoulder press for your strength!

    WOD: Grace
    30 clean and jerk #75

    Time: 5:16 PR by 45 sec plus last time I did it with #55

  4. The burpee police

    where’s your burpees girls? 😉

    me:4 burpees!

    Grace 65# (probably too much for shoulder- but it felt fine)
    Time: 7:38
    I had a hard time on my squats… still sore from the broomstick mile i think. So I don’t even think my time would have dropped doing Broomstick Grace, lol.
    MC, Pierre.. great pr’s!

  5. MC

    Sorry I forgot to post my burpees. I did 7 today, because I completely forgot to do it yesterday because it was my rest day! Hopefully it won’t happen when will be at more than 50 burpees!!

  6. krista

    i did my 4 burpees too – in my mish-mash warm up.
    sean did his buy in yesterday but i didn’t see him do them today .. are you up to date sean?

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