Do multivitamins work?


Do multivitamins work?

Vitamins are certainly essential components of the diet and prevent the classic vitamin-deficiency diseases like rickets and scurvy. But some vitamins also have antioxidants properties, which brings up the question of their possible additional benefits.

So should we be taking vitamin supplements?
A pretty simple question to answer, one might think. After all, there have been literally thousands of studies on how vitamin and mineral intakes relate to health. More than 100 million people in North America believe the question has been answered and take a variety of daily supplements to protect themselves against disease, spending some $25 billion in the process. But could they be on the wrong track?

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  1. Multi-vitamins?? Not much to say on this one. Doesn’t really interest me. I didn’t read the rest of the article but I’m confident that if my diet is balanced and my food choices are clean and healthy than I won’t have to worry about supplements.

    On another note… Am I REALLY the only one who remembers “The Edison Twins.” Maybe the theme song will jog your memory (I looked for an episode on youtube but couldn’t find one).

    This is classic Canadiana. I loved this show. I wanted to be an Edison Twin.

  2. Pierre

    “there is significant reason to believe that the key factor determining the level of vitamin C in our cells and tissues is not how much or little we happen to be consuming in our diet, but whether the starches and refined carbohydrates in our diet serve to flush vitamin C out of our system, while simultaneously inhibiting the use of what vitamin C we do have.” (Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories, 2007,2008, p 325-326)

    While I am still consuming vitamins C and some other supplements, I am not sure of their uses after I read that.

  3. Run 3k – 15:17

    This includes a 30sec walking recovery only because I had to make some wardrobe adjustments. Still, 1:21 faster than 26MAR. This was a different route than last time. No hills.

    I wonder how Kevin and Pierre are making out with their 1mile of burpees….

  4. Kevin

    OUCH! Who’s stupid idea was that to do 1 mile of burpees?! I’ll write more when the swelling in my hands go down. It took 3 minutes just to type this much…

  5. Pierre

    Ok, the 1 mile of burpees was something…..hard!

    Here is the summary of it.

    We decided to do it on St-Georges Street, starting on top of the hill at the Church and going down to Canada Wide Liquidators. We had 2 bottles on the side of the road, (1) at 800m and (1) at the very end. The first 800m took us around 44 minutes to do and I think around 375 burpees.

    So the final results for me are:
    680 burpees +- 20 burpees

    My whole upper body is hurting now.

  6. MC

    You guys are crazy… and I have to say, brave!!! 🙂 After that, the 100 burpees WOD will look really easy.

    MultiVitamins? Not really a fan. I think if you eat a variety of good food, you will eventually supplies yourself all the vitamins you need. I am still working on convincing Pierre.

  7. Kevin

    Wow, the shower felt nice. I had so much road dirt on me. Hands are a little cut up, right on the heel of my hand. I had crappy little gardening gloves, so they didn’t hold up very well.

    My upper body is a little sore, but not too bad. My shins are sore from all the impact. Other than that, I feel alright. Tomorrow will be a different story!

    I shot some video (pre and post burpees), so I’ll stick that together and post it soon.

  8. OMfrikenG!! are you kidding me? haha.. you guys are nuts! I wouldv’t made it…hmm.. maybe around 20 meters? with a 5minutes rest in the middle, lol. Impressive work guys. I’m thinking of trying the 100days burpees challenge again. Anybody interested?

    Nice work Jeanette. Are you following some kind of running regimen?

    Re: multivitamins. I was recommend by my doctor to take them because of my crohn’s: To make sure my body would get all the nutrients necessary or whatever. I have a bottle, but I forget them 99% of the time. I have a very good balanced diet, so I figure that’s enough. And my brother made some research on them.. he’s not particularly fond of them… and I believe whatever my bro tells me 🙂

  9. Janine – Nope, no running regimen. I’m taking two weeks off from CF wods. Just gonna do some running, yoga, and teach all my classes.

    To be honest, I’m running for aesthetic reasons as much as functional ones. It leans out my legs faster than anything else.

  10. Krista

    you guys are very brave to do that on St. George – i totally would have chosen a quiet, private location to spare the on looking 🙂 very impressive though. and in about 1/2 the time kevin proposed last night – must be all that apple crumble that helped you out – or maybe it was the shot of cold meatball sauce – blegh!

    it was way too nice to not get out on the bike for me. had some company this time too which was nice – ryan road, homestead hill, salisbury big stop and back through coverdale. 58km in total, 2h30. GORGEOUS OUT!! now i’m starving!!!

    janine – i’d be up for the burpee challenge – i bailed out last time at about day 29 i think. when you plan to start?

  11. i think we shall see you two on live at 5 tomorrow …two fools seen doing something on st george :o)

    funny after cleaning the house i could not find one crump from any desert …wouldnt even know there was any there :o)

    thankls for dropping by all …it was fun ….and funny watching the shotter king do his shots of meatball sauce :o)

    fight gone bad today posted :o)

  12. Janine- Crossfit Bathurst

    lol- Krista, I bailed out about the same time :S I kept forgetting and had to double up the next day, or triple up.. untill I lost track, so I called it quit.

    burpee challenge: 100 day burpees. Day 1, 1 burpee, Day 2, 2 burpees… and so forth, for 100 days.

    Lets see who’s interested and we’ll all start up together. Easier to stick with it.

  13. Kevin & Pierre – that is just bonkers. Nicely done!

    Regarding vitamins – I admit I only skimmed the article, but it seemed to focus on anti-oxidants and cancer prevention, which is not the only role of vitamins. I do agree that a balanced diet will cover your bases, but I am not opposed to someone taking a multi as “insurance” … certainly worse things they could do.

  14. Tracy Allen - CrossFit Fredericton

    Well, considering both CF Moncton & Fredericton ate poorly on Sat due to potlucks, it’ll be interesting to see how it impacts our numbers this week 😉

  15. Tracy Allen - CrossFit Fredericton

    Jeanette, don’t you find you lose strength as your legs lean out? Is there some reason for leaning out right now? (something about that trip to France?)

  16. Hey Tracey – Sadly, no reason other than vanity. I’m hoping it’ll lean out the rest of me too.

    I don’t think the amount of running I do is enough to significantly affect my strength. 3k twice a week isn’t a whole lot. And even if it does, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make… for the summer at least. I’m hoping it’ll make me faster at air squats and pull-ups (two of my most dreaded exercises).

  17. Krista

    thanks for having us over sean – it was fun! and i like your house – but i think you might need more chairs next time 🙂

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