10 rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring dips

Mid-pull on the clean and muscle-up

Mid-pull on the clean and muscle-up

Check out this video of Dan Osman!

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  1. with the look on Pierre’s face i would say he left a trace in his pants.

    home sweet sweet home!!! and i got to go for a real run this morning! yay! (I know it sounds like it Krista, but no, I’m not that fond of running)

    massage in an hour.

  2. MC

    F for Friday, F for Fun!!
    I hope that the pull won’t open my hand again. It will be nice to be able to do pull up more than one time a week.

  3. Anthony Bainbridge - CrossFit Fredericton

    Crazy video!!

    Jeanette, Dan died when doing a “bungee” jump with a rope (the rope broke). Apparently it was going to be his last dare devil stunt before he retired too. 🙁

  4. Oh my! That’s scary stuff.

    MC – One of my Dr. clients brought in some bandages/tape she thought might work on our hands. I quickly tried it last night and it was weird… like a second skin. There are two kinds, one of them is for the open tear. Anyway, I think I have to play with the placement a little more, but maybe you can be the guinea pig tonight.

  5. Krista

    that’s an amazing ascent – but i have to agree with Jeanette – pretty coo-coo sans ropes!

    F- also stands for FOOD! YAY!
    I am going to make up some of those lovely zone protein balls today (the first cookie i brought in, the ones that are 1-1-3 zoned) i just can’t bring myself to give up the recipe as i did so many modifications to it to get it right – but if anyone wants to buy some… 6 zone ball for $5 – just let me know how many any of you would like and i’ll bring them to class tonight or to sean’s tomorrow evening

    i will part with the latest oat cookie recipe that i brought in a few days ago though.. it’s zoned 1-1-1 – no gluten and no sugar –

    1. food process 36 almonds with 1 Tbsp of olive oil until you get consistency you like
    2. add 1/2 cup honey, 2 eggs, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1 cup whey powder (i used vanilla in the ones i brought in), 1/2 tsp each of nutmeg, cinnamon, baking soda and sea salt, 1 1/2 cups of large oats, 1 cup hemp seeds
    3. make into 24 cookies (about 1/8 cup size each, they expand!!)
    4. place 12 cookies on parchment paper and bake at 350 for about 10-15 minutes
    5. enjoy!

  6. Tracy - CrossFit Fredericton

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, Krista. I’d love to buy some of your zone balls but I’m assuming you don’t do delivery 😉

  7. MC

    How could I forget F for Food!!

    Jeanette- I would really love to try the double skin tape! 🙂

    Everyone: Any plans for tonight?

  8. Krista

    pierre – yup, 1 c and 1 p and 3f

    Tracy – delivery would be a great excuse to take some time off work 🙂 if i get down before regionals i’ll let you know, if not, i’ll post up to see if anyone would want me to bring some down the weekend of the qualifiers.

  9. Gabrielle

    Thanks for the recipe Krista – I’m looking forward to trying it out when I get back 🙂

    Have fun @ the potluck tomorrow night 🙂

  10. Julie

    Hi Folks – sorry about tonight. I laid down for a cat nap and I woke up around 7pm 🙁 and I’m still tired. I could sleep till tomorrow. This is not the norm for me.
    See you all Monday

  11. Krista

    This afternoon-
    CFE WOD: modified ‘Tosh’ (indoors)
    3 rounds of:
    1:45min on, 1:45 recover
    3:30min on, 3:30 recover
    7min on, 7 min recover
    total time- 1h 25

    CFWU x 2 (10 OHS, good mornings, SDHP, push ups, samson, double sit ups)

    Strength: back squats 5-5-5
    95-125-145 (matches PR – didn’t want to push the hip too far today but felt solid)

    WOD: 10 rounds of 10 ring rows, 10 ring dip negatives
    time 17:39
    and still managed to re-open my hand, should have just done the pull ups 🙂

  12. Kevin

    Boy, do I ever not like ring dips.

    As rx’d…12:29

    Mom – I think you forgot to finish your post…

    Julie – Glad you’re ok and were only sleeping. See you Monday!

    Sean – Where were you?

  13. Lisa Wood

    CFWU x2
    strenght 5-5-5
    backsquat 45-65-95(pr)
    10 rounds
    5 pull-ups
    5 ringdips time 8:55
    oh what beautiful arms i will have.

  14. sean

    say 6:00 for the start of the gathering ;o)

    was stuck working late in PEI …got back after 7

    see ya all Saturday morning …or tomorrow night if ya all skip the WOD Saturday morning

    why give us the recipe …just keep making them for us Krista :o)

  15. MC

    Warm up x2: Push up, double under, SDHP, K2E

    Strength: Clean
    5-65 5-85 5-95

    WOD: 10 rounds of:
    -10 pull up
    -10 ring dips (not really a dip, but I was trying to keep me in the air)

    Time: ??????? I don’t know, I forgot to write it in my book and I don’t remember. I know I finished after Krista. Kevin, do you remember?

    I tried the second skin tape. Didn’t really work. It went off after the first 10 pull up. My left hands opened 2 pull ups before the end of the WOD, Yargggg!

    Sean-Could you send me your address? I don’t even know where you live!

    Julie – Take care of you this weekend and come back full of energy Monday!!

  16. Krista

    MC – i can’t remember exactly but your time was something like 19:36 of 19:47 – it was sub 20 anyway (as you had hoped for)! nice job on the pull ups!

    yeah sean, i don’t have your address either..

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