March 25 workout


March 25 workout

***Reminder***The gym is closed tomorrow night because of parent-teacher interviews (BOOOO!)

β€œMr. Joshua Gone Bad”
5 rounds of:
1 minute Burpees
1 minute Situps
1 minute Deadlifts

Pierre working on his double unders

Pierre working on his double unders

When I find a good thing, I have to share it with everyone. My massage yesterday was awesome. I went to the MaxHealth Institute in Dieppe for a 1-hour long session. My therapist was Rosalynn, so if you’re able to, ask for her. She worked on my tight muscles in my back and legs, and I felt like rubber when IΒ left. I’ll definitely be going back for another.

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  1. Pierre

    Well, thanks for Sharing Kevin!
    I think I will have to get on massage soon!

    Burpees, situps, deadlifts…that’s gonna suck!

  2. sean

    i love it when a woman ask us to play with her …should i bring toys πŸ™‚

    so is this Rosalynn one of the nasty girls :o)

  3. Andy

    At a hotel so quite limited but managed a 21-15-9 sit ups(unachored), push ups, deadlifts(#90 in dumbells, no bar or freeweights πŸ™ ). Not sure on the time but it was under 10 minutes.

  4. hahahaha! Careful where you use that term guys.
    The urban dictionary offers a completely different definition of the word “meatatrian.”

    I’m just tryin’ to look out for ya.

  5. sean

    just listening to CBC talk about the freak who started PETA …apparently she wants her body parts donated to certain folks when she dies ….nice :-I

    i love meat also …mmmmm

    hey Jeanette are you there early tomorrow night ??? i shall go if i can get the WOD done by 7:00 as i teach spin


  6. Krista

    lots of mobility, samson stretch
    2×10 ring rows, ring negatives, OHS (10#), good mornings (10#)
    1×10 K2E (hand still sore from last night’s small rip)
    2×20 sit ups

    WOD: ‘Karen’ 14#
    time- 7:56
    was hoping for sub 7, but still pretty happy with that time

    Post WODs:
    – another 3×50 sit ups
    – teach 45 min spin class

    thanks for letting me come over early jeanette! i know what you mean about a pre-teaching metcon messing up your brain – wow, i didn’t have very good concentration during spin. oops!

    PETA is sneaky

  7. Gabrielle

    Rest day for me…

    Kevin – has Graham called you yet or did you maybe get a chance to see him while you were at MaxHealth?

  8. Julie

    Mobility; OHS; good mornings; push-ups; double unders

    Strength 5-5-5
    Front Squat (45) 65-75-85

    β€œMr. Joshua Gone Bad”
    5 Rounds
    1 min Burpees
    1 min Sit-ups
    1 min Dead lifts 185#
    1 min rest

    As Rx’d – 247 πŸ™‚

    Last time I did this w/o was Nov 26, just 4 months ago and my deadlift was 115# and total was 229. It feels great to see accomplishments like this… CrossFit:)

  9. Heather (Mum)

    CFWU X 2
    Strength Press 5 – 5- 1
    45 – 50 – 55

    Mr. Joshua Gone Bad
    5 rounds of 1 min. burpees, 1 min. situps, 1 min. deadlifts (95 lbs.)
    Total 161
    Nov. 26 when I did this WOD, my total was 112 and I deadlifted 45 lb.
    Proof: Crossfit really does work!!!

  10. MC

    WU X 2:

    STRENTGH –> Clean 5-5-5
    135-145-155 (PR by 20)

    WOD–>”Mr Joshua Gone Bad”

    Rd1: 18-B, 35-S, 3-D = 56
    Rd2: 18-B, 38-S, 3-D = 59
    Rd3: 20-B, 40-S, 4-D = 64
    Rd4: 20-B, 38-S, 3-D = 61
    Rd5: 20-B, 37-S, 4-D = 61

    Total: 301

  11. Kevin

    Julie – That is freaking awesome! Keep it up girl!

    Gabrielle – I don’t think he was there when I was. He hasn’t contacted me either.

    Marc – Noce job on the workout! It was a pleasure to meet you. When you’re in town again, make sure you stop by.

    Did the front squats tonight. Felt pretty too.

    200×3 (PR for reps!)

  12. Pierre

    Oups, the post above is from Pierre…not MC! πŸ˜€

    But still, here total score is higher then mine because of her crazy situp skills!

    BTW, it was nice to meet you Mark! Hopefully, we will so you back around here someday. I want to be able to workout with you again….you made me push hard on the burpees. Thank you!! πŸ˜€

  13. Heather – Great job girl! I wish I could’ve been there to cheer you on. One day my schedule will change and I’ll actually be able to play with you all again… One day.

    Krista – I always love having you babe. My girls like it when you’re there too because their work gets delayed due to your chatty ways… hahaha! But that’s okay. It’s all fun.

    And yeah, metcons pre-teaching can mess you up. Now you know πŸ™‚

  14. Krista

    excellent scores everyone! rock on heather!
    i read ‘MC’s’ post and thought – man, her cleans are skyrocketing – then i figured out it was pierre. but you’ll be there soon too MC keeping up the way you’re going

    and jeanette- i’ll ‘try’ to zip it a bit πŸ™‚ but no promises

  15. Pierre

    I looked at my last total for this WOD back in Nov. 26th….it was 242! So that’s a PR by 59! That’s great. πŸ˜€

  16. MC

    The real MC!! ahaha!

    Warm Up x2 : Double under, pull up, K2E, HSPU, fancy stretch!

    Strength: Back squat
    5 – 105 5-115 5-125

    WOD : Mr Joshua Gone bad
    5 rounds of:
    – Burpees
    -Deadlift #115

    Score: 325 YAY!! I keep more than 43 situp for every rounds, that why my score is high!! πŸ™‚
    Nice Job everyone! It was nice to see a new face! You were amazing on the burpees Mark.
    Rest day tomorrow!! πŸ™‚

  17. Lisa Wood

    strength push press 5o-55-60 (pr)
    5 rounds of 1 min burpies
    I like that one !!!!!!

  18. Marc

    Kevin and everyone else at CrossFit Moncton, thanks for your hospitality. I enjoyed it very much. I felt like such a sandbagger when I saw “MC”‘s weights on the cleans.

    MC your situp numbers are just out of this world.

    Pierre- nice job on the PR. Glad to help.

    I would love to drop by again next time I’m in town.

    Oh, and I love meat too. In fact our box regularly buys a whole grass fed cow and splits it.

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