Toss those balls!


Toss those balls!


For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball


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  1. Krista

    Ooooo… i saw ‘Karen’ posted on the main site last night for today and was hoping she’d show up here too! burn legs burn!

    Andy – i love the picture! when it was small i thought that you are laughing.. ‘haha, kevin, this is a piece of cake dead lift, !’, then when i blew it up a bit the pain was more apparent.

    i forgot to post yesterday –
    CFE WOD on bike trainer in basement:
    20 min warm up
    4x 2 min all out effort followed by 30 seconds rest
    15 minute cool down

    and 100 sit ups.

  2. Gabrielle

    150 wall balls… I can barely walk or get dressed as we speak… I won’t pretend I’m not scared, but bring it on Karen!

  3. krista

    last time i did this was april 14th, 08 in 11:04 – i think i’ll aim for sub 7 minutes today.

    yeah, you’re right sean – 135 is a cake walk for andy – he must be on rep 1000 or something there

  4. where does Gabrielle get her energy from …what a freak 🙂

    i think was on that number rep Krista :o)

    have a massage at 8 in Shediac so i iwant this workout done fast …hopefully my legs are listening 🙂

  5. krista

    i know it isn’t ‘wall’ ball or hands related, but it is about tossing balls around .. amazing!! anyone who has ever hacky-sacked will appreciate it for sure

    there’s a super crazy one playing volleyball too but i can’t find it right now. guys doing full back flips spiking the ball over the net with their feet.

  6. Andy

    OMG! What a pic! Thats almost as bad as my first Crossfit pic where it looks like I’ve been stabbed! Yeah I think that was around rep # 950 🙂

    Pierre, looks like everyone has registered in the individual race.

  7. sean

    so we are starting 15 minutes early again Kevin :oI

    was reading yesterdays comments ..what a bunch of freaks you all are 🙂

    lets remember as you all eat a steak that in some countrys they worship the cow …not just for Bar-b-q’s like we do

  8. krista

    Kevin – sorry i thought i could get away from work for the workout and then come back but it turns out i’m stuck to my chair. i really wanted to do ‘karen’ too – bummer 🙁

  9. Andy

    WU x 2 (pull ups (RB), push ups, k2e,sampson, squats)

    Strength 3-3-3-3-3 Push Press
    I thought it was 3-3-3 so went a little too high too fast 🙁

    karen 150 wall balls #20

    5:52 (PR by 2:27 and as Rx’ed vs 10# ball last time)

    Didnt go as deep as last time as the knee is still not 100%…

  10. Pierre

    WU X 3
    Med ball cleans

    STRENGTH —> Push Predd 3-3-3-3-3

    WOD —> “Karen” w/ 20#
    TIme: 5:04 (PR by 34s)

    I really tried hard to beat you Kev….but not hard enough.

  11. Kevin

    Krista – No worries. It’ll come up again!

    WooHoo! 4:35 as Rx’d!

    I made a goal of sub-5, and I sure got it!

    Did some push presses after.

    Everyone rocked Karen tonight! Congrats!

  12. Gabrielle

    Thought might actually decide to leave me for good tonight…

    Warm up x 3 (RB pullups, 10# weighted bar for goodmornings)

    Strenght front squat 3×45, 3×55, 3×65, 3×75 and 3×85

    Karen with 6# ball in 6:47… Andy you kicked ass tonight and with a bad knee and Saturday’s workout in your legs – You Rock! Sean, no way I was letting you beat me on the time with all the smack talk you were giving me on Saturday 🙂 Thanks for the push guys – you help me get through the pain although sometimes I do feel like telling you where to go… 😉

  13. well if i was the teachers pet and got us the baby ball i would have beat you Gabrielle 🙂

    well meet again girl …very soon …whaaaaa whaaaa whaaaaaaa 🙂

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