It’s the weekend!


It’s the weekend!

Pre-WOD with CrossFit Dodgeball!

For time:
225 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
80 Lunges
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
80 Lunges
225 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
80 Lunges


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  1. MC

    I don’t think Heather is to excited about the lunges!

    Crossfit Dodgeball I love crossfit game! Too bad I’ll have to miss it! Hopefully Krista, it won’t remind you too much when you were playing that at school. You don’t wearing glasses anymore, so its should be better! 🙂

  2. Krista

    DODGEBALL! but yesterday was the Goat WOD!!! oh the trauma!
    i’ll have to go to my happy place for this – think brunch, mmmm!

    and just for your information kevin – the rules at grade school were below the hip too but that didn’t seem to matter. hopefully the few years of being hit in the face at kung fu have resolved my issues 🙂

  3. Gabrielle

    Krista you’re too cute! Luckily there don’t seem to be any bullies at Crossfit Moncton so everyone should play nice 🙂 I haven’t played dodgeball since school, I’m a bit concerned too…

  4. Kevin

    Alright, we gotta do dodgeball again sometime!

    Workout felt good. I broke the first set of deads in 3, second set in 2 and last set with no breaks. Runs were a little cold, but I’m glad I did it.

    As Rx’d…15:27

    Oh, and brunch was awesome. You missed a great meal Jeanette and Joel.

  5. Krista

    ok, dodgeball wasn’t as bad as i remembered.. i’d play again – but only if jacob doesn’t cheat next time 🙂

    strength: deadlifts (of course seeing as it’s in the WOD) 5-5-5
    kept light but still felt heave for my low back. can’t let ego get in the way of my recovery

    Deadlifts with 95#
    walking lunges

    time- 10:03

    brunch was de-licious! and pierre was funny with his PB, i’m up for doing it again! next stop sean’s potluck next saturday!

  6. Gabrielle

    Dodgeball was a blast – I wish I hadn’t showed up late so I could’ve played longer. I need to work on keeping my throws below the belt though – obviously, I’ll never be a pitcher LOL

    Strength: Shoulder presses :5×35, 5×55 and only 1×60 (does that still count as a PR?)

    WOD: Deadlifts with 95# + walking lunges… Thanks to Sean and Andy’s taunting, I did it in 17:19.

    Brunch was awesome 🙂 but I’ve never questioned what I’m eating more in my life! It was almost stressful… Almost! I think I may have eaten 3 times the # of blocs I am supposed to eat…

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Oh and Heather, you ROCK! You could kick my mom’s butt any day ( not that I want you to LOL)

  7. 3k Run (Urban loop with traffic, and lights on a busy Saturday afternoon)


    I think I got all four red lights… oi! At least I got a lot of recovery time 🙂

  8. sean

    dodgeball was a blast …Heather was also a great target :o)

    treego …i have yet to try it but heard great things about it …we should all do it this summer :o)

    hopefully i’ll get to brunch next time …had to pick up the girlfriend and drive her to Honda to get her car …then went to the market to fill up :o)

  9. Julie

    CrossFit Dodgeball – that was fun…even with all the burpees and push-ups I got hit with 🙂

    Strength – 5-5-5
    Shoulder Press – 35-35-35 (due to my arm and that felt heavy)

    Kettlebell deadlift 55# – 42
    800m run – 4:43
    Kettlebell deadlift 55# – 30
    800m run – 4:35
    Kettlebell deadlift 55# – 18
    800m run – 4:32
    Time: 18:39

  10. Andy

    my computer must be screwed….havent been able to post all day…weird…

    WU X 2
    Pre-WOD dodgeball- WICKEd!! gotta do that again guys! especially where we handed it to the “bad guys” as bad as we did 8)

    Deadlift 21 (225#)
    80 lunges
    deadlift 15
    80 lunges
    deadlift 9
    80 lunges

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