Rest Day


Rest Day

What was your Phys Ed class like? Did you have a fitness component? Was it part of your mark? What would it be like if CrossFit was the curriculum of today’s PE classes?
I had my students draw me a picture if they were done their tests early. Brian thinks I'm a tough teacher apparently.

I had my students draw me a picture if they were done their tests early. Brian thinks I'm a tough teacher apparently.

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  1. Great pic Kevin. I’m wondering what everyone at CF Moncton would draw 😉

    Thanks again to you and everyone there for the warm welcome. Anne, Hannah and I had a great time working out with you guys although I’m still really bummed that I couldn’t do the CF Total with you but thanks for letting get a little coaching in (btw I was really impressed with everyone’s technique). Hannah had a blast and posted her results up on the CFPEI site that night. Anne nailed a couple of PR’s too.

    We are really looking forward to training with you guys again and hope to return the favour if any of you are in PEI. We’ll have to plan to do an affiliate gathering sometime in the near future as well.

    Take care,

    Mike … and Anne and Hannah

  2. MC

    Nice picture!! Priceless!!

    Is anyone interesting in a 1 hour breakdancing class saturday March 28th afternoon? Breakdancing = arms workout!

  3. Gabrielle

    Brian is hilarious! It’s funny that he would love to see himself in your shoes Kevin LOL

    MC, if I were around, I’d love to do a breakdancing class – let me know if you ever have one again 🙂

    Hannah, Anne and Mike – your family inspires me! The person I was most impressed with at the gym yesterday was Hannah, no doubt about it 🙂 Hannah you rock!

  4. sean

    LOL same drawing i would do if asked :o)

    where is the break dancing class ??? :o)

    Jacob and went to play in the pool at ceps today …what a great way to loosen up :o)

  5. MC

    One of my friends just opened a Dance school and she is offering a beginner breakdancing class. Since we are doing a lot of handstand lately, I though that will be fun to try! It’s in the same building as the Don Cherry’s in Dieppe.

  6. CFWU x 3 (minus HSPUs)

    21-15-9 reps of:
    HSPUs (w/ g+y bands & r+y bands for final 6 reps)
    Ring dips


    Loads of recovery time needed for this one. ROM for HSPUs was questionable as I was nearing the end of the second round so I increased the assistance for the last 6reps of round 3. I didn’t want to be at the gym ALL night.

    MC – You know I’m up for break-dancing, or any kind of dancing for that matter.

  7. Krista

    MC – yeah! i’m in for trying break dancing

    i HAD to get out on the bike today it was so mild – so i did some distance, and incorporated a CFE seated interval ladder WOD into it

    the ladder went as follows on a mostly flat road:
    90 sec on (got 780 meters covered), 60 sec off/recovery,
    90 sec on (756m), 45 sec off,
    90 sec on (753m), 30 sec off,
    90 sec on (943m -bit downhill), 15 sec off,
    90 sec on (745m), 30 sec off
    90 sec on (694m, back uphill), 45 sec off
    90 sec on (747m)

    all told i did a 52km ride in 2hr 12 min

    pretty happy with the time considering it’s my second outdoor ride of the year, usually in summer time i’d do that in just over 2 hours

  8. MC

    CFWU x 3

    21-15-9 reps
    HSPU (G+Y band)
    Ring dips

    Time: 11:08

    Beat my old time by 10m16s that I did on Nov. 4th 2008. The ring dips were really hard after the first set of HSPU.

    Rest day for me tomorrow!

  9. Pierre

    Let’s now talk about your questions Kevin.

    On my side, I went to a few high schools and a college. For the high schools PE class, it was pretty much always the same stuff…ball hockey, badminton, volleyball, baseball, ice hockey once in a while, flag football, etc. The PE teacher weren’t talking about fitness nor nutrition in the 90’s. Or if they were talking about nutrition, they were talking about the Canadian Food Guide….that we pretty much all agree that it doesn’t make any sense. Those classes were pretty much only to make the kids moving. There was not really any fitness in those classes.

    As for college, we had to decide which sports we wanted to take. Again, there was badminton, volleyball, etc., but there was also, nutrition and musculation. And again, that I remember of, there was not much fitness in those classes.

    As a big fan of Crossfit, I would be really happy for the children now if their PE classes would we based on Crossfit. It would make them more aware of their body needs on both nutrition and fitness sides. It is only since I started Crossfit that I found out what my body is capable off and what it needs to perform at 110%. So the younger you can get that Crossfit mindset in your head, the better your life would be afterwards in a lot of ways.

    And the younger they get the Crossfit’s mindset, the faster they will be able to kick my ass on a WOD. 😀
    But that’s not so great… 😀

    But there is also the “can’t” that makes a big difference on someone. I know that it is not really an official part of the Crossfit’s curriculum but more of Kevin’s curriculum. But since we started that, when there is something at work or at home that I would have first say “I am “unable” to do this”, I just challenge myself and I try it.

  10. Tracy Allen - CrossFit Fredericton

    I remember most of my gym classes focusing on natural ability in specific sports rather than overall fitness. I do recall a fitness component in my only high school gym class. We worked for 10 weeks to improve our own level of fitness with certain measures taken at the beginning and the end. I think this focus on self-improvement instead of competition changed my outlook on physical education. And this is what appeals to me with CrossFit. It doesn’t matter how fit or athletic you are to start with, you can always benefit from the workouts and see improvement in your own performance. This is what our kids should be focused on too. Kevin, I think it’s awesome that you have an opportunity to influence the education of our kids. I wish my kids had you for a teacher 😉

  11. Gabrielle

    When I was in school, our phys ed classes had a “one size fits all” sort of curriculum… The bar was set and we had to measure up regardless of our fitness level, size, physical ability, coordination, etc. And our grade was dependent on how well we measured up. Of course, a select few met the goals with ease, while many others (for a host of different reasons) had a hard time keeping up. Needless to say, if you excelled you loved gym class, if you struggled, you hated it.

    Crossfit seems to have a more tailor made approach to fitness. Because you move at your own pace, it’s realistic for everyone to become successful. Regardless of where you start, you continually see improvements in your performance and your fitness level. When you’re successful at something, you enjoy doing it and vice versa. I think everyone loves to succeed, but we all measure success differently. And that should be taken into account even with kids. The goal of physical education in schools should be to encourage a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle. Kids won’t jump on board if they feel defeated before they’ve even started. With Crossfit, I think you have the ultimate recipe for successful physical education in schools. By focusing on what each kid can do, versus what they can’t do, Crossfit makes it exciting and fun to be physically active. I think the Crossfit approach could actually get every kid to love gym class.

  12. Kevin

    Thanks for your comments everyone! I think we all had similar experiences in Phys Ed. When I took it, we did 4 week units of a sport, and at the end, were assessed on how well we could perform a skill ie. shoot 10 free throws, and your mark was based on how many you got in.

    Anthony – You should have seen the rest of the test! It was basically the “What is Fitness” CF Journal. Today, I’m teaching them the principles of the Zone and Paleo 🙂

  13. MC

    I decided to move a little bit yesterday in my living room. 🙂
    Warm up: push up, sit up, dips, good morning and squat
    A lot of streching!
    WOD: Tabata butterfly sit up
    8 reps of 20 sec., rest for 10 sec.

    Gabrielle-My friend is teaching Hip Hop Class every Sunday for beginner, intermediaire, Hard, semi-professionnal. They just started the school, so probably they will eventually have more class.

    I was the kind of kid who like the gym class, but a lot of my friends didn’t like it because they were the last one picked when we were doing team. That is the biggest fear for a kid.
    But like Pierre, my gym class was basically playing games. At high school it was a little bit more challenging. But like Gabrielle said, we were measure all at the same level, which I think is not really fair because some was bored and the others had a hard time.
    On the nutrition side, I think I had a one hour class on the canadian nutrition guide in my entire 12 years at school. I didn’t take the nutrition class.
    I think crossfit in gym class will help kid love moving because it is something for every level of fitness. It is challenging and it is working! You playing against yourself and you could just see improvement, which is really motivating. Everyone win! 🙂

  14. Krista

    i went to 8 different grade schools growing up because we moved so often but i found that the cirriculum was essentially the same all across canada.

    i have only about 4 memories of gym class, mostly not desireable..
    1. watching my gr 3 phys ed teacher cup a boys ears and pick him off the ground by them for misbehaving
    2. trying to run from one side to the other under a giant air balloon tarp while the other kids made it wave (that was fun!)
    3. dodge-ball – and getting my glasses knocked off EVERY time
    4. from the getting glasses knocked off all through middle school by the time i got to high school i was so nervous of anything coming toward me at speed, so being forced to play baseball was awful! when i finally hit the ball i let go of the bat as i swung and it hit a girl

    so no – actual school gym class was not a fun environment for me, except for 1 school that we did track – but i only went there for about 6 months until we moved again.

    the physical programs that i’ve done outside the school system like swimming, diving, running, cycling and now CF have been much more personal goal oriented, and alot more successful in my mind. i wish i would have had something like CF through school.

    i didn’t have much mind/body relationship until after graduation when i started doing weights at a gym, running, cycling etc. and that’s before computers, ipods, portable gamers etc came around. it’s no wonder that with all the technology available now that childhood obesity rates are through the roof – unless kids are exposed to meaningful physical education and nutrition in school (i didn’t know veggies and fruits were carbs until a few years ago – i thought carbs were only the starches), i’m not sure they’ll make the leap after graduation. and that’s a very scary and sad notion.

  15. MC

    I like Pierre’s comment about the famous C word. I now actually surprising myself to think 2 times before using that word…and not only at the gym. I also notice each time someone is using it. It’s surprinsing how much often people say that word.

  16. Pierre

    As MC, everytime someone at work says the C word, I notice it a lot more since we started that.
    When they say it, I always ask them why are they saying such a thing and challenge them to find a solution on that.

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