March 13 workout


March 13 workout

Pre-WOD – Musical Medicine Ball Game

“Deck of Death”


Learning the Double Under, courtesy of Again Faster.

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  1. Andy

    A little birdie told me tonight is NOT the CFT. but “soon”….hmmm. Im almost tempted to come tonight after hockey….

  2. MC

    The musical med ball game would be funny! I have an idea what it is!
    Hey Kevin, next time is it going to be CF spin the bottle?? And instead of kissing we will do burpees??

  3. MC

    We should create a crossfit board game. Like Monopoly, instead of paying your house with money, you paying in pull up!!! 🙂
    Ok I’ve got to stop giving Kevin evil idea!

  4. Julie

    Warm-up x2
    Dips; Sit-ups; Push-ups; Squats; Good Mornings; Stretch

    # of Double Unders in 2min – 61
    Musical Med Ball – I was the first one out. I lost the tiebreaker against Joel (Wall Squats)

    ♠ Squats
    ♣ Pull-ups
    ♥ Burpees
    ♦ Sit-ups
    J 500m Row x2
    Time: 36:36
    – my first 20 pull-ups were kipping, but my right upper arm is starting to bother me again so I switched to the yellow band for the rest of the pull-ups

  5. Pierre

    Max double-under in 2 min – 25 hahahaha
    BUT, I managed to do 10 in a row this time…PR by 2.

    Deck of death:
    Row 500 m

    Time: 22:21

    Felt really good.

  6. Joel

    Warm up X 2

    # of double under in 2min = 0 🙁 (just single unders)

    Musical Med ball – winner!! woop woop!! 😀
    500m row X 2
    Time – 29:39

  7. Heidi - CF Fredericton

    Jeanette and Krista, great to have you girls visit us at CrossFit Fredericton. Next time plan on joining us for a workout will ya. Misery loves company 🙂
    See you at the games in May!

  8. Gabrielle

    Just a warm up and fundamentals for me tonight. Thanks Kevin for your help, patience and encouragements 🙂

    Sean – great cookies! No wonder everyone was talking about them all week 🙂

  9. MC

    Pre WOD: 2 minutes of DU : 20
    Pierre, you beat me!

    The musical med game was fun! I liked to see Joel and Pierre doing the crab walk, and Jacob passing them. ahaha

    WOD Deck of Death
    76 Squats
    76 Burpees
    76 Ring Pull
    76 Sit up
    1st 500m row: 2:08 (4 sec more than my max)
    2nd 500m row: 2:16

    Time: 31:31

    Post WOD: 2 awesome cookies made by Sean!! Delicious!

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