Rest Day


Rest Day

Day 1 of the Cert completed! And WOW! I’ll be bringing back a lot of new ideas and knowledge. See everyone on Monday.
Found some rings at Venice Beach

Found some rings at Venice Beach

Have you ever found yourself doing a CrossFit move outside of the gym? Just the other day, I was doing box jumps on a concrete slab, just to see if I could.

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  1. sean

    heading out for a small easy hike with Jacob at 1:30 if anyone wants to join us ….trail on Crawly farm road…the road in front of the J Louis arena at
    U De M

  2. Krista

    great day to get outside for a bit – thanks for the hike sean, jacob and joel (and the yummy post walk crepe… mmmm) all told we walked about 2.25km

    decided against the run as my hip was still a bit tight this afternoon, so instead i hit the trainer inside for a CFE WOD:

    warm up 20 min
    5 min interval (85-90% effort), 2:30 rest, 6 min interval, 3 min rest, 7 min interval
    cool down 10 min and stretch

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