March 5 workout


March 5 workout

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts – 225#
Handstand Push-ups

This is where Arnold used to workout in Venice Beach

This is where Arnold used to workout in Venice Beach


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  1. Pierre

    Shout…”Diane” is the last WOD I need to do to fill up my registration for the Qualifications….and it is rest Day for me. I guess, I will have to do it friday.

  2. MC

    Handstand…AGAIN!!! I don’t mine them…I actually like it…but my finger are still numb from last friday handstand… is it normal?

  3. Kevin

    MC – Try these moves:

    Extend and stretch both wrists and fingers fully as if in a handstand position. Hold for a count of five.

    Straighten both wrists and relax your fingers.

    Make a tight fist with both hands.

    With fists still clenched, bend both wrists down. Hold for a count of five.

    Repeat this sequence ten times.

  4. Kevin

    I drove around forever this morning trying to find CrossFit Newport Beach…and I ended up on a ferry somewhere in Balboa. Anyway, I went to Marina again for a workout. They were doing deadlifts today.

    For the warm-up, I did
    800m run x1
    Samson stretch
    5 pushups
    25 situps
    5 ring dips
    3 pullups
    15 squats
    2 rounds

    Deadlifts x1

    If you’re wondering why I did so many, I ramped up with one guy until he maxed out, then joined another guy until he maxed out.

    2 days till the cert!!!

  5. Krista

    warm up: mobility and samson

    followed by 100 box jumps for time – 4:20
    gotta get the jump down dialed in, would be so much faster

    WOD 1: tabata 2km row
    21 rounds of 20:10
    total time 10:34

    i like this way of doing a 2km rather than straight out – little recoveries let me keep a more consistent pace over the whole

    WOD 2: 3 min ring L-sit, 20 45# shoulder press each time i come out
    did in 4 sets, so 80 presses

    then i stayed to watch the group do diane – excellent job everyone
    gabrielle your DLs looked really good, MC- you’re turning into a power house!

    nice to see you janine!

  6. CFWU x 3 (with ring dips)

    Clean & Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    It was definitely ladies’ night at CF Moncton, wasn’t it Andy? The gym was full of hot-girl sweat tonight 😉 Good times!

  7. Andy

    WU X 2
    pull – pull ups
    push – push ups
    Legs – none (knee)
    Stretch – Samson and Good mornings

    Strength – PRactice Deadlifts – 135-135-225

    WOD “Diane”
    Deadlifts 225#
    HSPU (sub decline push ups off 20″ box)

  8. Julie

    Run 1.25miles – 10:40
    Dips // SDHP45# // OHS45# // K2E // Sit-ups (2 rounds)
    5 Kipping pull-ups

    I took a look at the CrossFit Body Weight w/o’s and did the following:

    Ivan the Terrible
    90sec Jump Rope
    50 Lunges
    50 Push-ups
    50 Sit-ups
    90sec Jump Rope
    40 Lunges
    40 Push-ups
    40 Sit-ups
    90sec Jump Rope
    30 Lunges
    30 Push-ups
    30 Sit-ups
    90sec Jump Rope
    20 Lunges
    20 Push-ups
    20 Sit-ups
    90sec Jump Rope
    10 Lunges
    10 Push-ups
    10 Sit-ups
    Time: 24:57
    It wasn’t too bad. My week seems to be nothing but push-ups and burpess, but I can only blame myself for that one. Going to do deadlifts tomorrow night. Trying for a PR.

  9. Gabrielle

    Tonight was fun! Thanks everyone for teaching me the moves, encouraging me and inspiring me – wow you girls and Andy 🙂 ROCK!! And man Andy, you’re one funny dude! So thanks for the laugh too – I got an ab workout to supplement the actual workout 🙂

    {I need to get used to writing things in my journal… I wrote my time down, but I don’t think I took not of the deadlift weight (65lbs?) and the incline platform height (20″?)… Plus I need how to figure out how to keep track of my reps while maintaining good form – thanks Krista and Jeanette for helping me with that!}

    See you tomorrow night.

  10. well.. so much for my day off. All I wanted to do was say hi and Jeanette MADE me do the box jumps. 😉 I guess I can’t complain, I only did your warm-up! ha.

    100box jumps, 7minutes, with an after taste of blood. mmm. Probably didn’t help my sore throat i’ve been fighting for a few days. oh well.

    Kevin… 3 bars was added to your collection tonight.

    nice to see you too Krista… and Jeanette 🙂

  11. Kevin

    Wow, looks like everyone had fun tonight! Nice work!

    Janine – Thanks for dropping them off! I can’t wait to get back to try them out.

  12. MC

    Kevin – Thanks for the hand WOD. I did it and will try to do it a couple time a day.

    Gabrielle-You did 65lbs for you deadlift! You did great!!

    Warm up – Goodmorning, push up, squat, pull up (10 with the green band 20 real kipping, superman

    Strength: Push jerk 7-45 7-65 5-75

    WOD: ‘Diane’
    21-15-9 reps of
    -Deadlift #115
    -HSPU (red and green band)
    Time: 14:25 min

    The Deadlift was hard, since my max is #135. Thanks Krista for keeping a eye on my form.

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