March 4 workout


March 4 workout

Modified “Helen

Three rounds for time:
50 Lunges
21  Dumbbell swings (55 pound )
12 Pull-ups

Standing in the Pacific Ocean!

Standing in the Pacific Ocean!

I started my day at 6am at CrossFit Marina with Steve and Denise. They put me through the 21, 18, 15 etc back extensions with the 400m runs in between. Compared to the time last week with 45# good mornings, I managed to pump it out faster (slightly) in 15min flat.  I was talking to Steve and Denise after the WOD, and they suggested I check out CrossFit Balboa.

So I drove down to CrossFit Balboa and met John, Max and Gillian. It was cool to see a CF gym with their own programming. Asked a few questions and got to see some people go through a deadlift/ring dip WOD. Very nice place.

As the picture shows, we went to Huntington Beach (AKA. Surf City) and went in the Pacific Ocean. It was 57 degrees…not too bad. Saw a lot of surfers too. Now they were cool!

And for my evening expedition, I ventured down to Coach Burgener’s gym (AKA. Mike’s Gym). I got to spend a fair amount of time with the olympic lifting guru himself, getting coach through the basics of the Burgener warm-up. Let me tell you, we’ll be starting to do this warm-up at the gym very soon on occasion. I learned so much and would love to get to one of his certs.

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  1. we should post pics of us standing the ice/snow crap we got this week

    missed last nights workout as my snowblower broke …by the time i fixed it and got the driveway done it was off to spin class

    see ya alll tonight …if all goes well :o)

  2. krista

    man, sounds like you’l have to decompress for a while when you get back with all the new insights, ideas, and experience. soak it up! i’m sure you have a few willing guinea pigs back here to test stuff out on 🙂

    Pierre, MC – how you feel after Barbara? i feel like my top half got hit by a Mack truck! very stiff! i’ve got a lovely ‘pillow’ (aka blister) impeding my mouse control today- haha! good thing my workout for tonight is just a 1-2 hour session of bike intervals.. that i can handle

  3. Kevin

    Just got back from CrossFit Marina again, and this time, Mom came with me. We did Helen, and mom did awesome. I’ll let her post her results.

    As for me, it was my first time doing it as Rx’d. I’ve never had a 55# kettlebell, but it felt good. The pullups were the hardest because their bars are 2″ thick (compared to our 1.5″). My forearms were just burning.

    Anyway, I managed to pump out a 8:43 for a time. (8:19 was my old time with 36#)

    Also, if anyone wants a CrossFit Marina shirt/tank/hoodie, let me know what size/color. I’ll pick some up if you want em.

  4. Pierre

    Krista – I feel great today….no sore spots at all from Barbara.

    Kevin – I want a T-shirt – Medium – Black if they have any.

    And great time for Helen…a 55# KB is getting a lot heavier than the 33# we have at the gym. It is a lot harder to do the first swing.

  5. Kevin

    Sean – It’s been cloudy and rainy since we got here. But I guess that’s better than snow.

    I forgot to mention…I tried a few swings with a 105# kettlebell after the WOD this morning. I did the Russian swing (to eye level), but it was awesome.

    Pierre – I have to order some heavier KBs. Once we get some more people, there’ll be an order going out.

  6. MC

    Krista – I am sore around the shoulders. A lot on the back of my shoulders, I am not used to be sore there, must be the kipping pull up yay!

    Heather- You are still doing crossfit on vacation, that’s awesome! You should have impressed a couple of them there!

    Kevin – You look like you having a great time down there. Must be a great experience to meet all those people!

  7. Anyone else going to see the Shanghai Circus tonight at the Capitol? I saw them once before about 5 or 6yrs ago and they blew friggin’ my mind. It’s such an impressive display of crazy-ass acrobatics. I’m jazzed!

  8. Krista

    bike night:
    12 min warm up on bike
    12 x 30 seconds at max intensity followed by 4:30 at 70-75% intensity

    – we alternated sprint position through the workout – one sitting, the next standing – kills the legs!

  9. Pierre

    Ring dips
    Good Morning

    STRENGTH: Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1
    135-155-185 (PR…so I stopped there)

    WOD: Modified “Helen”
    50 walking lunges
    12 KB swing – 50#
    21 pullups

    Time: 8:08

    Compare to my last time I did “Helen” it was 9:54….but I ran that time. I dont’ know how you can compared both of them…

    Anyways, happy with my time.

  10. Andy

    Hey Kev – glad to hear you’re having a great trip and meeting some all-stars! I will take a black t-shirt if they have xxl. Thanks for offering 😉

  11. Heather Wood

    Hi guys. We are having fun. Crossfit Marina was great. The owners are so nice. They didn’t yell at me at all like the Colonel.
    CFWU X2
    I did 3 rounds of Helen.
    400 m run
    21 of 10 lb. kettle bell
    12 of pullups
    Time was 15:30 I think.
    See you Monday.

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