February 27 workout


February 27 workout

***It’s going to be +5, so we’re running outside tonight folks! Come prepared, rain or shine.

For time:
21 Good mornings
Run 400 meters
18  Good mornings
Run 400 meters
15  Good mornings
Run 400 meters
12  Good mornings
Run 400 meters
9  Good mornings
Run 400 meters
6  Good mornings
Run 400 meters
3  Good mornings
Run 400 meters

Ice climbing in Hillsborough

Ice climbing in Hillsborough

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  1. Kevin

    It’s under the new secion of road they built because of the receeding banks. I think it’s just past the Riverview Cemetary (half way between Hillborough and Lower Cape).

    And YAY for running…we haven’t done it in a long while.

  2. Krista

    YAY for running is right! i’m psyched!

    cool link from yesterday jeanette! she’s one funny krista. (and right on the nose about performance + strength = beauty)

    i once had a boyfriend that when i started training in the early spring for cycling said to me ‘but why, it just makes your legs bigger’ – what an arse-hole!
    sure they might get bigger, but the bigger they got, the stronger they were = the stronger i felt = the faster i could ride = the more butt i could kick

    besides who’s to say if i hadn’t trained that they wouldn’t get bigger from lack of use/laziness/lack of muscle tone and boredom eating. bring on the weight / speed / power / size please

  3. That’s almost 3k of running. That would be so perfect. I wish I was doing this with y’all.

    Krista, I’m teaching a BellyDance class at the Kay tonight (7.30p-8.30p). I think Julie’s coming. You should come too… for old time’s sake. You can sneak in late if you have to. No big deal.

    MC, you’re welcome to join us.

  4. Krista

    oh goodie! belly dancing is fun!

    MC, you can hitch a ride over with me if you like, i’ll bring you my extra hip scarf to wear too. YAY!

  5. Kevin

    Wow, running was weird.

    Used a 45# bar for good mornings.


    Everyone did really well tonight for the first run in a while!

    Mom, I’m really proud of you that you did the entire workout and didn’t quit. I don’t know too many 59 year olds that could keep up with you.

  6. Pierre

    WARM-UP: 3 rounds x 10
    Rind dips
    Box jumps
    Good morning

    Holds handstand for 5 min in less set:
    2 sets (1st 3:05, 2nd 1:55)

    WOD with a 45# bar: 15:27

    Great job everyone tonight. Felt good to run…I have a lot more power in the legs compared to last October!!

    Great job Heather…that’s true, I don’t know too many (probably none) 59 years olds that could keep up with you!! Again, great job!!

  7. Andy

    Where did u guys run? Scored 2 goals this aft and played a pile of ice-time (only 2 spares on the bench)!! Then took kids to Fairlanes and bowled 2 strings – 87 and 106

  8. Julie

    Warm-up (2rounds x10)ran out of time
    Ring Dips
    Double Unders 60
    Sit-ups (1round)
    K2E (1 round)

    5 minute dumbbell hold 50#
    7 sets
    That was hard…didn’t like that one.

    10# bar (too low)
    Time 20:12 (I’m glad that’s over with)

    Heather – You did fantastic tonight. You are such an inspiration. Great job 🙂

    Andy – 2 goals, way to go 🙂

  9. Krista

    21 Good mornings
    Run 400 meters
    18 Good mornings
    Run 400 meters
    Warm up:
    jumping ring dips, 15# deadlift, double unders, sit ups, good mornings

    skill: handstand 5:00
    3 sets (around 2:05, 3:30 and at 5:00)

    WOD with a 15# bar
    time- 16:32

    i really enjoyed running, even if those past few were pretty tough.
    i think the last time i did a 3km run it was around 15:30 – so very happy to do 2.8km and all those 15# good mornings in 16:32 – and happy to not be too far behind pierre’s time too 🙂

    heather – you are an inspiration! you effing rock! (i’m sorry we couldn’t stay for your finish)

    andy – we ran up and down the street at the gym.

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