Rest Day


Rest Day

A Nike commercial that takes training to the next level.


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  1. Pierre

    I watched the Kyle Maynard interview and the 2 videos about him doing the Lvl 1 Cert. (thx for CF Fredericton to post those videos today)!

    That guy is amazing, a real icon of perseverance and he shows that really nothing can’t stop you from acheiving your goals. He challenged himself so hard that I am almost shy of my performance in the gym….

    For now on, before a WOD, I am going to think about him so I push harder and harder each time.

  2. sean

    just be sure that you keep your form perfect so as not to hurt yourself Pierre ….with time and effort all your goals shall be reached ….then you must reach for higher ones


  3. Pierre

    Like you said Sean, the form needs to be perfect for sure!!

    But, when I was watching the videos I was more thinking about giving everything you have in your body during a WOD. Push harder to go beyond what your body/mind thinks his limits are.

    For example, resting after the WOD instead of in the middle of it, never letting go the pullup bar in FRAN or CINDY, running your 800m like you would run your 100m sprint or running like somebody was chasing you all the time,…..

    That’s just a few examples of times when I should give all I can but sometimes I don’t. But for now on, I will try to think of him before/during my WOD just to remember that pain/sweating/hard breathing can’t stop me from anything and that I need to hold on.

    When you see Kyle doing his version of the muscle-ups, wall-balls or the burpees, I don’t think anybody should have excuses/can’t in his life and that when you want to acheived something, you can do it!

  4. CFWU x 3 [w/HSPUs x 5 (g+y bands)]

    For time:
    Row 500 meters
    21 Burpees
    Row 1000 meters
    21 Burpees
    Row 1000 meters
    21 Burpees
    Row 500 meters

    23:47 – Thanks for the push at the end Krista.

  5. Krista

    earlier today: a CF Endurance WOD
    5 minute run, rest 2.5 min
    4 minute run, rest 2 min
    3 min run, rest 1.5 min
    2 min run, rest 1 min
    1 min run

    15 minutes of running, 2.7km
    the rest was supposed to be the same time as the previous run, but my back/hip was bugging a bit so i didn’t run full on, so only took 1/2 recovery time

    CFWU x 3 (jumping ring dips)

    WOD: 3 rounds for time:
    500m row
    21 burpees
    50 15# OH walking lunges (these sucked! i need to do them more)


    my pleasure jeanette – i knew you had it in ya.
    excellent work on the HSPUs too! and the tunes 🙂

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