February 4 workout


February 4 workout

Row 2km


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

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  1. sean

    well well well …another day off for Kevin ..what does he do with soooo many off :o)

    i find doing crossfit helps with the snow removal :o)

  2. Kevin

    I’m a busy guy…I use these days off to get stuff done like renewing my license and having a nap.

    Along with the strength work, yup, row 2k.

  3. Julie

    Sean – still sore/achy, but better than yesterday…Epson salt bath helped.

    No CF tonight – med appointment.
    See ya all Thursday

  4. krista

    oh, a nap would be so welcome right now!

    enjoy the rowing, i’m teaching spin tonight – i might try to get a 2km run for time in at the CEPS track before hand if it’s available. hoping for sub 9min (last time was 9:10)

  5. Krista

    mobility and samson stretching

    i wasn’t sure how long the CEPS track was when running – found out afterward
    5 laps for time (roughly 800m) 3:35
    2 laps for time (roughly 300m) 1:22

    45 minutes spin class

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