January 28 workout


January 28 workout

Kevin made it on the front page of the Life and Times in the T&T.
Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
7 rounds of:
7 Burpees
7 Deadlifts, 185#
There's one thing wrong with this picture. Can you spot it?

There's one thing wrong with this picture. Can you spot it?

 “That which does not kill me makes me stronger” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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  1. looks like Andy is making a snowball to throw at the girls

    and Julie is swinging the kettlebell to high

    and it looks like the new girl is trapped on the box jump


  2. Krista

    my guesses..
    1. andy looks like he’s looking at joel’s bum
    2. i’ve got my knee in a band not doing kips
    3. julie’s KB looks too small

  3. Krista

    kevin, i had signed up for tonight but need to take a rest day. i tried to un-reserve my spot on the planner today but it wouldn’t let me.. can you fix that for me. thanks!

  4. Andy

    so Im assuming something along the lines of “Andy isnt leaning on a wall” or worse still – Im the only one not doing anything 😉

  5. krista

    andy has chaulk ‘in’ his hands but not ‘on’ his hands
    his shorts are riding up a bit – but without the aid of a band (sorry andy, i’m grasping at straws here)

    this is fun – it’s like crossfit where’s waldo but we have to guess what waldo looks like too

  6. sean

    Andy is going to draw a happy face on Joel’s ass with the chaulk

    Andy is chaulking up his hands but is not working out

    Andy is taking the chaulk to the bathroom for some reason ??

    Andy thinks the chaulk is a Klondike ice cream bar


  7. Wow! How cryptic. Does it have to do with the part of the hand Andy is chalking? It kinda looks like he’s putting chalk on his knuckles. Getting all chalked up to punch someone, maybe?

    Like Krista said… grasping at straws! Come on Kevin… TELL US already!!!

  8. Kevin

    The chaulk is in his hands…no where near the bucket! So where’s the dust going?

    I know, anal! But I’m worried about your health.

  9. Kevin

    So, weightlifting shoes…everyone should get them.

    Did the Thrusters tonight (7X1)

    Felt like I had more, so went up to 175…NOPE!
    Back down to 170…YUP! PR! by 20#

    Wanted to give some OHS’s a try with the new shoes.
    135# (PR by 10#)

    Oh, what the heck, may as well try for a PR on front squats while I’m at it.
    200 (pr)
    225 (PR! by 35#)

    I’m very happy tonight!

  10. Janine

    Awww man..very jealous with the thrusters. Great job by everybody. I might be able to do 60lbs, squeak included, right now Lol.soon..hopefully…ill be able to work my way up.

    Kevin! All that suspense for that???

  11. MC

    Thrusters (7×1)


    WOD 7 rounds of :
    7 Burpees
    7 Deadlift #105

    Time 12:40 min

    Kevin…your shoes rock…and shine!!

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