January 22 workout


January 22 workout

Five rounds for time of:
45 poundOverhead walking lunges, 50 feet
21 Burpees

No, he did not just get out of a pool

No, Sean did not just get out of a pool

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

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  1. Jeanette - I'm in Toronto

    Krista and Julie,

    We did this one last winter at the Y (feb or march). It was one of the first WODs we did as a group. I’m pretty sure it was me, you and the twins, and we did it in the spin room. I don’t have my journal so I can’t tell you the exact date but I think I recorded everyone’s time. I’ll look it up when I get back.

    Here’s the video if any of you missed it.


  2. Krista

    Jeanette – you’re right – it was on january 13th. 08, pretty sure it was the 5 of us too

    i used 45#, we did 50ft lunges, i did my 21 burpee push ups on my knees at that time
    my time was 19:20 – and i remember it sucking the whole time – interested to see what the difference would be a year later, but not tonight, i’m happy its a rest day. maybe we can do it when you get back

  3. Julie

    CFWU x3 (Yellow band kip foot)

    Strength: 5-5-5-5-5

    I kept my weight low to work on my form. All the lifts felt really good tonight and my form was much improved.

    5 Rounds for time
    25# O/H Walking Lunges – 50ft
    21 burpees

    Time: 18:25
    For the first round I split the burpees into 3 sets of 7, but didn’t like that.
    So I did them in 2 sets (10/11) for the next 4 rounds – still didn’t like it, but less rest.

    Good w/o.
    Have a great weekend everyone!! See you all on Monday…..I’m off to Quebec for the weekend.

    Jeanette – I remember doing this at the Y. If I remember correctly, I think I was the last one to finish and it was something like 25/26 minutes.

  4. Janine

    No rest day for me. Who’s idea to sub the run for lunges on Tuesday anyway???
    Painfull ass Lunges done with my luggage overhead:) not sure the weight..but I always pack heavy! Glad tomorrow’s a rest day

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