January 18


January 18

So what do you think? Is all the pain and suffering worth it? I mean, when was the last time you seen someone at a Globo-gym with two burn marks on their arms? Or heard of someone spraining their ankle from working out? Or barfing out by the dumpster? Or having no skin on their shins or hands?

Is it really worth it?


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  1. Joel

    Of course it’s worth it!

    It serves as proof when you tell your family and friends that your last workout included 100 pullups, 90 ring dips or 30 reps of 300lbs deadlifts. Those scars and scrapes on your hands, arms or shins just add to the “Good Lord! Are you out of your tree” look on their face. 😉

  2. Pierre

    Same here…of course it’s worth it!!!

    For me it is not to serve proof to others but it’s a proof to myself that I worked harder that I would have normally did if I wouldn’t have been working out the CF way. It’s a proof that you were working hard to get a PR, that you were holding the pullup bar to finish up your WOD as fast as you can, getting more muscle-ups in a row, trying to get a PR on highest box jump… 🙂

    It just shows that you gave you 150%…not just a small 100%!

  3. well i have gotten stitches ,concunssions scars and bruises from biking ….looking froward to getting from Crossfit and would say it is alll worth it …if you love results you don`t worry about a few scars …they only tell the stories of you efforts and results


  4. Kevin

    All very different points of view, but all true. I personally can relate to each one. The saying goes, no pain, no gain…and I honestly believe that. And chicks dig scars 🙂

    Did some hand power cleans today. Felt pretty solid, even after doing Grace yesterday.

    135,145,155,165,175,180,185 …had more in the tank, so I went for 190 and got it! PR!

  5. CFWU x 3 (with HSPUs)

    Hang power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

    115-125-135-140 (F)-140 (F)-135-135 (F)

    No PRs today. I just wasn’t feelin’ it as much as I would have liked.

    I have some lovely scraped and bruised hips from the HPCs… Sadly, I don’t think guys dig scars as much as girls 🙁

  6. Heather Wood

    That is saw not seen. The pain is very much worth the gain. Nothing else ever gave me the results I am seeing at Crossfit.

  7. Krista

    I’m with Sean – bruises, bumps, cuts, chain rings in the calves, kart wheeling into the woods, waking up on the ground with people over you asking if you’re ok, thats mountain biking – so no, some sore ripped hands, some bruised shins and sore muscles are well worth the gains

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