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January 15 workout

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Pre-WOD – Monkeying Around
3 rounds of:
Length of pullup bars
Length of box jumps (7)
Length of overhead lunges

Followed by Grace
30 Clean and Jerks, 135#


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14 Responses to “January 15 workout”

  1. “Hopper Deck”????

    I want to pick the card! 😀

    Nice picture Jeanette…better then me!

  2. bad Pierre …bad

    all i know is he said it was going to be a good workout tonight as you all slacked offf last night ….just Heather , joel and me working out last night ……..slackers :o)

    ohh and apparently Jeanette worked out before …….riiiiiight ;o)

  3. nice hair Jeanette …did Kevin have a huge fan on you :o)

  4. Oh Kevin, you have a knack for capturing our most pretty faces. Thanks.

    And Sean, what makes you think I didn’t train last night? I would never lie about doing a workout… other things – maybe, but working out .. never.

  5. Nope no fans that night. Sean, that’s called “moving.”

  6. he he he


  7. is this the one you were formulating in your mind the other day kevin??

  8. Hey Kevin, we need to do Grace and Diane soon.
    I need my times for those 2 to finish my registration for the CF games qualif. 🙂

    And I also need to do 30 muscle-ups for time. I might try that tonight.

  9. CFWU x 3 (2 rounds pull ups – 4 kips, and 3 kips)

    PreWOD: donkey kong (very fun!)
    3 rounds of:
    length of pull ups bar
    length of box jumps
    length of 14# OH walking lunges

    time – 2:48
    and beat by a ‘crossfit girl’ in tight jeans – way to go jeanette! you rocked those pants

    WOD: Grace
    30 clean and jerks for time – 75#
    time – 6:58

    first time doing a 75# clean, and first time for Clean and Jerks at all

    PostWOD: pumping gas – oh, my aching forearms – i could hardly open the door to go in to pay 🙂

  10. besides the surprise WOD’s…it was a surprise to see Jeanette’s hair back to normal


  11. The Pre-WOD was fun!! Monkey WOD are great!
    3 rounds of:
    length of pullup bar
    length of box jumps
    length of 20# OH walking lunges

    Time: 1:38 …I think.

    WOD: Grace
    30 clean & jerk (135#)

    Time: 5:57

    I was happy to see Grace as a surprise WOD….I had never done it, but I liked it!
    Now, I need to do “Diane” and the 30 muscle-ups.

  12. Hope everyone had fun with the Monkey WOD. And some awesome times on Grace!!

    So I’m driving home and I hear “Are you gonna go my way” by Lenny Kravitz on the radio. Instinctively, I start playing the air drums. Damn you Guitar Hero!!

  13. Hahaha! I was gettin’ into “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics and suddenly thought… Ah! This would be a good song to sing in Guitar Hero!

  14. Warm up X 1

    Donkey Kong workout –
    3round of:
    length of pullup bar
    length of box jumps
    length of #20 OH walking lunges

    Time: 2:06

    WOD Grace
    30 Clean& Jerk (#135)

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