January 15 workout


January 15 workout

Pre-WOD – Monkeying Around
3 rounds of:
Length of pullup bars
Length of box jumps (7)
Length of overhead lunges

Followed by Grace
30 Clean and Jerks, 135#


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  1. bad Pierre …bad

    all i know is he said it was going to be a good workout tonight as you all slacked offf last night ….just Heather , joel and me working out last night ……..slackers :o)

    ohh and apparently Jeanette worked out before …….riiiiiight ;o)

  2. Oh Kevin, you have a knack for capturing our most pretty faces. Thanks.

    And Sean, what makes you think I didn’t train last night? I would never lie about doing a workout… other things – maybe, but working out .. never.

  3. Pierre

    Hey Kevin, we need to do Grace and Diane soon.
    I need my times for those 2 to finish my registration for the CF games qualif. 🙂

    And I also need to do 30 muscle-ups for time. I might try that tonight.

  4. Krista

    CFWU x 3 (2 rounds pull ups – 4 kips, and 3 kips)

    PreWOD: donkey kong (very fun!)
    3 rounds of:
    length of pull ups bar
    length of box jumps
    length of 14# OH walking lunges

    time – 2:48
    and beat by a ‘crossfit girl’ in tight jeans – way to go jeanette! you rocked those pants

    WOD: Grace
    30 clean and jerks for time – 75#
    time – 6:58

    first time doing a 75# clean, and first time for Clean and Jerks at all

    PostWOD: pumping gas – oh, my aching forearms – i could hardly open the door to go in to pay 🙂

  5. Pierre

    The Pre-WOD was fun!! Monkey WOD are great!
    3 rounds of:
    length of pullup bar
    length of box jumps
    length of 20# OH walking lunges

    Time: 1:38 …I think.

    WOD: Grace
    30 clean & jerk (135#)

    Time: 5:57

    I was happy to see Grace as a surprise WOD….I had never done it, but I liked it!
    Now, I need to do “Diane” and the 30 muscle-ups.

  6. Kevin

    Hope everyone had fun with the Monkey WOD. And some awesome times on Grace!!

    So I’m driving home and I hear “Are you gonna go my way” by Lenny Kravitz on the radio. Instinctively, I start playing the air drums. Damn you Guitar Hero!!

  7. Joel

    Warm up X 1

    Donkey Kong workout –
    3round of:
    length of pullup bar
    length of box jumps
    length of #20 OH walking lunges

    Time: 2:06

    WOD Grace
    30 Clean& Jerk (#135)

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