January 10 workout

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  1. Kevin

    Lots of options today. I guess I was feeling like a softy.

    I chose to run the 5k…and I wouldn’t have done it if Julie hadn’t have gone.

    Should have left one of my jackets at the gym…way too hot.


  2. Andy

    CFWU X 2

    Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

    500 SDHP’S – ran out of time but managed to get 400 in 30 minutes.
    10 burpees as the cherry on the cake (my first ever, and my LAST 😉 )…

    This WOD was “All killer, no filler” – can barely type…..and yes, still beet RED ;o)

    will see y’all next Saturday (off to Mtl for the week)…

  3. krista

    CFWU x 3 (1 round kipping pull ups)

    Strength: Back Squats 1-1-1-1-1
    105-120-135-150-165 (PR – but felt that i could have still gone a bit heavier)

    WOD: 200 burpees for time

    i had to smile at 120 in when i remembered that a year ago i could only manage 5 push ups on my toes. hurray! plus it helped having jeanette doing them beside me, i tried to keep her pace

    post WOD: julie and i ran 3.13km in 20 minutes around the pond

    great work everyone!

  4. Kevin

    Andy – Mike C ended up coming to my house for the workout. You’ll see him next week after I give him better directions.

    Stay red!

  5. Julie

    CFWU x3 (pull-ups green band kip)

    Strength – Cleans 1-1-1-1-1


    Clean & Jerk
    90# (PR) – Last time was Dec 8 65# – This is one of my goats.

    Run 5km
    which included 2 one minute walks – I’m not a fan of running upwind. I was surprised with my time.

    Post WOD: Krista and I ran 3.13km in 20 minutes

    Awesome day!!

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