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Janurary 6 workout

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Reminder that there is only a 6:30 class tonight.

Complete four rounds for time:
50 Lunges
15 Handstand Push-ups
30 Towel Pullups 

Image and video courtesy of

Image and video courtesy of

Nicole Carroll, from CFHQ, sums up what CrossFit is to her in this video – [wmv] [mov].

That’s her definition. What is yours?

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21 Responses to “Janurary 6 workout”

  1. Beurk…towell pullups won’t be fun!

  2. Pierre – when do you wanna do Fran? I think Joel wants in on the action too.

  3. amen sister, i’ve found i’ve performed better in biking since CF than the almost 10 years of cycling specific training i’ve done – it is amazing really. and Nicole is HOT!

    i’ve not done towel pull ups before – do we need to bring our own?

  4. My rest day was Friday…so we could to it that day!?

  5. does the 6:30 class start at 7:30 again


  6. Krista – Yes, bring your own crappy towel. Pierre brought one before that was very thin…bad idea.

  7. Pierre – You want to do Fran on your Rest Day? I have a girl-date on Friday but we’ll talk later and try to set up a time.

  8. Ah-hem…tomorrow is the main CF rest day. Hint hint.

  9. ok…tomorrow it is!!!

  10. Tomorrow might work. Something tells me I have something going on tomorrow too, but I’ll double check.

  11. I’ll be sure to bring a really thick towel 😉

  12. We can do it tonight too or thrusday or friday…I don’t really care!

    I am ready for it!! 😀

  13. There’s no way you’re getting out of the towel pullups buddy!

  14. CFWU x3 (one round of green pull ups – a new PR)

    Strength – Front Squats
    First time doing these to automatic PR – felt good though

    WOD – 4 rounds for time:
    50 walking lunges
    15 HSPU (green/red combo)
    30 jumping towel pull ups

    13:17 (round 1- 3:35, round 2- 3:28, round 3- 3:19, round 4- 2:54)
    they’re new to me but I really like HSPUs 🙂

  15. CFWU X 2 (blue band) – I was late…

    Strength – Push press 3-3-3
    105(3)-125)3)-155(2) – failed the third attempt

    WOD – 4 rounds for time:
    50 walking lunges
    15 HSPU – subbed barbell overhead press
    30 jumping towel pull ups


    hopefully that was my first and last “elastic encounter of the third kind” 😉

  16. Strength – Push Press 3-3-3

    WOD – 4 rounds for time:
    50 walking lunges
    15 HSPU – Yellow + Red band (I did a mistake…I think I should have been using Yellow+green)
    30 jumping pullups


    I did a round of 20 HSPU….

  17. CFWU x3 (one round of pull-ups)

    Strength – Front Squat 3-3-3
    Warm-up 15(5) – 35(5)

    55(3)-75(3)-100(3) – First time doing front squats

    4 Rounds for time
    50 Walking Lunges
    15 Dumbell Presses (40#)
    30 Jumping towel pull-ups

    Time: 21:00
    Round 1 – 5:59
    Round 2 – 5:06
    Round 3 – 4:52
    Round 4 – 5:03

  18. The HSPUs took a toll on me. My head was pounding afterwards. But not as much as Andy’s boys were pounding. AHAHA!!

    Four rounds for time:
    50 Lunges
    15 Handstand Push-ups (Green+yellow band)
    30 Towel Pullups


  19. CFWU x 3

    2K Row (easy) – 8:56

    Hang Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
    85-95-105-115-115-135-155 (Failed on all 3 attempts)

    Did 115 twice cause the first rep felt weak and wobbly. Second time felt great.
    Probably could’ve nailed 145 but I wanted to fail tonight… Mission accomplished.

  20. I did 10 burpees after….not 20 HSPU!

    I don’t know where my head was when I wrote that! :S

  21. i forgot to mention my 10 burpees too

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